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National Colton Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Colton Day is observed annually on September 18. This holiday is dedicated to celebrating anyone you know named Colton, whether they are your real-life acquaintances or a celebrity. This unique name was formerly a prevalent Irish surname, but it is gaining popularity as a given name. It attained its pinnacle in 2019, when it entered the top sixty. This name is gaining popularity among parents who desire a robust but uncommon moniker for their child.

The background of National Colton Day

Colton is an Irish surname that is now widely used as an English given name. It was derived from O’Cómhaltáin and Collin. The surname Colin has been anglicised as ‘Colton.’ It is now a popular English given name that signifies ‘from the coal’ or ‘coal town.’

In 964 A.D., Comhaltán Ua Cleirigh, King of U Fiachrach Aidhne, was the first person to register the name O’Cómhaltáin. U Fiachrach Aidhne was a kingdom located south of present-day County Galway. Colton is associated with the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain, as numerous localities in Staffordshire, Norfolk, and Yorkshire are named Colton. John Colton, born in 1404, is the ancestor of the first English family with this surname. Additionally, the name has significant British roots. This is related to the centuries-long Irish immigration to Great Britain. The earliest documentation of Irish settlers in Britain dates back to the early Middle Ages. Since then, there have been approximately 10 million Irish immigrants, which is greater than the present-day population of Ireland. During the Great Famine, which lasted from 1845 to 1849, Ireland’s population crested at 8.5 million.

With the discovery of the New World in the 1600s, Irish people began migrating to North America, with the majority settling in Virginia. This migration was chronicled in a well-known Irish ballad titled “The Green Fields of America,” in which the migrants remark on the absence of taxes that “devour up your wages.” The Kennedy family was the ancestor of the Colton family.

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Observe a Colton

If you know a Colton, you should celebrate him by engaging in his favourite activities. If your name is Colton, invite your companions out for the day!

Observe sports

There are not many notable Coltons, so devote the day to supporting your favourite. There are numerous athletes with the name Colton who could always use your support.

Suggestion of a name

Know anyone who is pregnant? Recommend this interesting and powerful name to a friend.

5 Interesting Facts About the Name COLTON

If you dislike the girl’s name Colton, consider Cole, Colt, or Colby as alternatives.

The name Colton first appeared in the United States in the 1980s and became moderately prominent in the 1990s after a period of obscurity.

Colton, a district in Leeds, was named for the region’s abundance of coal, and Cola is a swarthy person’s moniker.

As a surname, Colton was previously unheard of.

If you want a strong and unique name for a girl, look no further than Colton, which ranked 4,672nd in the United States for females in 2013. As such, it is uncommon and not overused.


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