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National Decency Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Tiles

This National Decency Day, on May 14, make it a priority to disseminate the word about how a decent person can contribute to the advancement of society as a whole. Here’s everything you need to know about the event!

The background of National Decency Day

Lisa Cholnoky, a graphic designer based in New York, created National Decency Day in 2017 after witnessing a passionate political argument between relatives. Lisa came up with the concept of fostering ‘decency’ during any type of discourse between people after observing how aggressive people can become when discussing anything related to their beliefs. Lisa designed a ‘DECENCY’ button to help disseminate the message, and she wears it every day. The designer mentioned three points: active listening, improved comprehension, and compassion. As soon as the concept was introduced, people immediately began supporting the cause. Today, every 14th of May, the mission of disseminating decency to restore the public dignity that all Americans deserve is celebrated.

In addition, to draw attention to the cause of decency, Lisa mailed 536 ‘DECENCY’ buttons to the U.S. Congress in July 2017 in an effort to raise awareness. This action led to the recognition of the movement by politicians, who then encouraged individuals to engage in respectful discussions and debates. Furthermore, this resulted in numerous institutions and municipalities recognising the significance of promoting decency awareness. In fact, educational institutions in approximately 25 states have joined their community’s ‘Day of Decency’ in order to engage students and family members in the cause by introducing projects and discussions.

According to Lisa Cholnoky, our children require role models urgently. “If we can all be civil with one another, we are setting the right example,” she said.

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The term ‘decent’ is derived from the French word ‘décent’ and the Latin word ‘decentem.’

In many countries, women who do not wear a veil are considered impure.

In “Nicomachean Ethics,” Aristotle argued that a respectable man is both virtuous and just.

DQ is the new EQ and is considered a necessary characteristic for workplace leadership.

Every religious text discusses maintaining human decency.


Year Date Day
2023 May 14 Sunday
2024 May 14 Tuesday
2025 May 14 Wednesday
2026 May 14 Thursday
2027 May 14 Friday