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National Donald Duck Day 2022: Date, History and Origin

National Donald Duck Day 2022: What could be more fun than celebrating National Donald Duck Day on June 9, 2022? Well, not much! But whether you’re a Duck fan or not, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this unique day. Here are just a few:

National Donald Duck Day is a great way to honor one of the most popular characters in all of pop culture. Donald Duck has entertained generations of children and adults alike with his funny antics and endearing personality.

Donald Duck is an iconic character that has been featured in many different forms of media over the years. From cartoons to feature films, Donald Duck has had a major impact on popular culture. Celebrating National Donald Duck Day allows us to appreciate all the different ways he’s been featured and share in the happiness of his fans.

June 9, 2022 marks the 70th anniversary of the publication of The Adventures of Uncle Scrooge, which was written by Don Rosa and drawn by Carl Barks. This beloved comic book series features many appearances by Donald Duck, making it a perfect choice for National Donald Duck Day.

There are lots of events and activities planned for National Donald Duck Day 2020, so be sure to check out the official website for


Year Date Day
2022 June 9 Thursday
2023 June 9 Friday
2024 June 9 Sunday
2025 June 9 Monday
2026 June 9 Tuesday


Everybody’s favorite short-tempered cartoon duck is celebrated on National Donald Duck Day on June 9.

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The world was introduced to Disney’s beloved character Donald Duck on June 9, 1934. More or less starting off as a comic-book character, he remains the most published non-superhero ever. Such is his popularity that Donald Duck is a national hero in Finland! The character is a pop culture icon in Finland, much like Hello Kitty is in Japan. Donning his signature blue sailor suit with no pants, Donald Duck has appeared in more short films and feature films than any other Disney character. It is the diverse nature of his character that has allowed him to be featured in a plethora of roles, from an army officer and a teacher, to an uncle to three ducklings.

Walt Disney conjured up the idea for Donald Duck to introduce an edgier character to balance out the goody-goody jolly Mickey Mouse. During the experimental phase of Donald’s character creation, Disney read about Australian cricketer Donald Bradman, who had made headlines after getting dismissed for a duck.

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What is National Donald Duck Day?

National Donald Duck Day is celebrated on June 9th each year. This day commemorates the creation of Donald Duck in 1934.

Donald Duck became one of Disney’s most popular characters after he was created by Walt Disney. He quickly became a symbol of the company and was featured in many movies and TV shows.

Today, National Donald Duck Day is celebrated all over the world. People who love Donald Duck celebrate this day by dressing up as Donald Ducks or decorating their homes in Duck-themed items.

What to do on National Donald Duck Day

On National Donald Duck Day, fans can celebrate the iconic duck by doing a range of things. Some people enjoy watching old cartoons and reading Donald Duck comics, while others simply enjoy spending time with their family. Whatever people do on this special day, it’s sure to be fun!

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Things to avoid on National Donald Duck Day

There are a few things to avoid on National Donald Duck Day. Some people believe that wearing a Donald Duck costume is considered bad luck, and that it will bring you bad luck in the future. Others believe that it is disrespectful to one of our country’s most iconic figures.

Still, others believe that Donald Duck is simply a funny character and should be enjoyed without any negative connotations. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual to decide what they believe about National Donald Duck Day. Just be sure to be respectful of all cultures and figures on this day, and enjoy the festivities!

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On June 9, 2022, National Donald Duck Day will be celebrated all over the world! Whether you’re a big fan of the duck himself or just love some good laughs, this day is definitely worth celebrating. Be sure to mark the date in your calendar and join in on the fun!