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National Esther Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The name Esther comes from the Persian word'satarah', which means'star.' In the Bible, the appellation corresponds to the Hebrew word that means 'for myrtle.

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National Esther Day is celebrated on June 12th every year in the United States. It is a day to honour and commemorate people with the name Esther. The name derives from “The Book of Esther,” which tells the tale of a young woman who was taken from her home, risked her life to save her people, and became the Persian queen. It subsequently spread to Europe and the British Isles. Current usage of the name Esther encompasses its Spanish form, Ester. More than 7,000 females were given this name in 2022 alone.

The background of National Esther Day

The name Esther comes from the Persian word’satarah’, which means’star.’ In the Bible, the appellation corresponds to the Hebrew word that means ‘for myrtle.’ It is believed that the name first appeared as a given name in Europe and the British Isles during the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century, a time when Biblical names were uncommon. Esther and its variant form Hester appear to have coexisted throughout the English-speaking world.

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Although they differ slightly in pronunciation, Esther and Hester were for a long time used interchangeably for females. Esther Johnson, also known as Stella, whose baptismal record identifies her as Hester but who always signed herself Stella is an example of this specific form. Some believe she covertly married the Anglo-Irish author Jonathan Swift, with whom she had a close relationship.

By the year 1900, the interchangeable use of Esther and Hester had largely disappeared. Esther has maintained a prominent utilisation profile, particularly in North America, whereas Hester has gradually lost favour. Esther Cleveland, the second daughter of U.S. President Grover Cleveland and the first presidential child delivered in the White House, was born on September 9, 1893. Her birth sparked a media frenzy, as press announcements of her name disclosed that it meant’star,’ and she quickly gained widespread popularity in the United States. Esther was the 27th most prevalent name for American girls in 1896. Esther is still a popular name in certain Jewish communities.

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Buy a present for an individual named Esther.

If you know an Esther, purchase her a present to make her day memorable. You can purchase her something entertaining or invite her to a dinner.

Spend the day with your loved ones

This could be a day to honour family and acquaintances with the name Esther. Take this opportunity to express your affection for your loved ones, even if it is sometimes difficult to do so.

Share an entry

Choose your favourite woman named Esther and publish a social media post about her. Be imaginative and include information about her biography, favourite cuisine, song, or animal in your post.


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Year Date Day
2023 June 12 Monday
2024 June 12 Wednesday
2025 June 12 Thursday
2026 June 12 Friday
2027 June 12 Saturday
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