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National Flag Day in the Philippines 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Flag Day in the Philippines is annually observed on May 28. It is a national holiday in the Philippines to commemorate the country’s independence from Spain. On this date in 1898, the flag was raised for the first time, and the country’s first republic was established. The flag remains a symbol of patriotism and nationalism, and it was a beacon of optimism during the oppressive colonial era in the Philippines.

The background of National Flag Day in the Philippines

The national flag of the Philippines is not simply a piece of fabric with three distinct colours. It has an extensive history. The white triangle represents equality and the unification of the people, while the blue patch represents peace and justice, and the red patch represents valour and patriotism.

The Philippines is an East Indies island nation. The country was a colony of Western powers for more than 400 years, the majority of which were spent under Spanish authority before the United States took control at the beginning of the 20th century. During the colonial period, the country’s lifestyles, ethnicity, language, and cultural identity underwent significant transformations. The country continued to be under Spanish control until 1872, when abrupt influences from Mexico and other Latin American nations sparked a revolution.

With assistance from the United States, the Spanish were ultimately defeated by the Filipinos in the 1896 War of Independence. During this conflict, the Philippine flag was raised for the first time. The first Philippine Republic was established, but it was quickly overthrown by the Americans, who installed their own government. For the next thirty years, it was illegal to express nationalism and the American flag was used.

As a sign of optimism for the Filipino people, the Philippine flag was raised alongside the American flag for the first time in 1936, but it was suppressed again in 1942 when the Japanese invaded the country during World War II. As Japan surrendered in 1945, the country gained independence from all colonists and proclaimed its republic under the same flag that had been raised in 1898.

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Activities on NATIONAL FLAG DAY in the Philippines

Hoist the banner

National Flag Day (Philippines) commemorates the first time this national emblem was displayed following the defeat of Spanish colonial rule. Whenever possible, display the flag wherever you are.

Display the national flag with honour

Each colour of the national emblem has a specific significance. Put on blue, white, red, and gold to express your patriotism.

Examine the nation’s past

Learn more about the history of the Philippines, particularly its fight against its colonial oppressors. The more one learns about the turbulent history of the country, the more one appreciates its independence.


Throughout its history, the national emblem has utilised more than five distinct hues of blue.

The Philippines do not have a distinct war flag; during wartime, the red field is superior, while the blue patch is placed on top during peacetime.

The American flag significantly influenced the design of the Philippine flag.

Under U.S. administration, the native Filipino flag was banned and substituted with the American flag in 1902.

The reason for the striking similarities between the flags of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines is likely that they were all once Spanish colonies.


Year Date Day
2023 May 28 Sunday
2024 May 28 Tuesday
2025 May 28 Wednesday
2026 May 28 Thursday
2027 May 28 Friday