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National Foundation Day 2024: History, Significance and Facts about Kashihara Shrine

National Foundation Day, commemorated by Japanese people on February 11th, Kenkoku Kinen No Hi, serves as a reminder of the nation's founding fathers' struggles.

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National Foundation Day 2024: Every year on February 11th, people commemorate National Foundation Day. The purpose of this event is to remind the Japanese people to remember when Emperor Jimmu founded Japan in 660 B.C. Kenkoku Kinen No Hi, also known as National Foundation Day, is a great time to reflect on the struggles that the nation’s founding fathers faced. We can strengthen our affection for the nation and unleash our patriotism on this holiday.

National Foundation Day History

The origins of Japan may be traced back to Emperor Jimmu’s accession to the throne in 660 B.C., which is celebrated on National Foundation Day. Jimmu, a descendant of Amaterasu, the sun goddess, was born in Miyazaki Prefecture on the island of Kyushu. He was regarded as one of the era’s most courageous emperors. Jimmu started and won battles with nearly all of the tribes at that time. Following the ongoing subjugation of many clans, Jimmu brought Japan together. The story of Emperor Jimmu’s legacy can be found in the “Kojiki”.

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National Foundation Day was originally observed on New Year’s Day, but when Japan switched from a lunar to a Gregorian calendar in 1873 under Meiji control, the dates were slightly altered. So the day was advanced to February 11th.

The holiday was observed with great vigor and patriotism before World War II. All around Japan, there were several formal events, parades, and fireworks displays. But the holiday was abandoned for many reasons. The holiday was reinstated after numerous polls, popular requests, changes, and legislation, but it never again held the same importance as it previously did. There aren’t many rituals done in the nation, but the fervor they previously exhibited has vanished.

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Ideas For National Foundation Day Celebrations

Join the march on National Foundation Day.

The main attractions of the National Foundation Day march are flag-waving patriots and their “mikoshi,” or portable shrines, which they transport to the next shrine. By witnessing the march in person or on television, you can get a taste of Japanese culture.

Go to the Shrine of Kashihara

Built in 1889, the Kashihara Shrine is located on the spot where, on February 11, 660 B.C., Jimmu assumed the throne. To fully immerse yourself in the shrine’s history and legend, pay it a visit. Parades and processions honoring Japan’s sense of national pride are also held there.

Take part in the Kigen-sai

Participate in the Kigen-sai, a National Foundation Day ceremony that shrines all over the country hold. Tens of thousands of people watch as parade participants bring mikoshi to the grounds.

The Kashihara Shrine: 5 Facts

  • It is supposed that Emperor Jimmu, the first Emperor of Japan, took the throne here.
  • Emperor Meiji constructed the shrine in 1889.
  • The Kashihara-Jingu temple houses mausoleums for Japan’s first four emperors.
  • The significance of Kashihara-Jingu Kashihara has historically been important to Japanese archaeology and continues to be so now.
  • The shrine is close to where Emperor Jimmu’s tomb is rumored to be.

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The significance of National Foundation Day

It arouses feelings of patriotism.

Essentially, the day is a celebration of the past of the country. It is the day that Japan was established as a nation.

It serves as a symbol of culture and history.

Every country that owns particular emblems takes pride in them and enjoys celebrating them. People celebrate this important historical and cultural day to show their pride in Japan.

It cultivates patriotism and affection for the nation.

This day offers a chance to relive the ideas that led to the founding of Japan and to develop a love and sense of duty for the nation.


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