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National Fourth Graders Day

National Fourth Graders Day 2023:As the years fly by, children are growing up faster and faster. It may be hard to believe, but today’s fourth-graders are tomorrow’s high school seniors! To appreciate the journey that our nation’s young learners have gone through to get to where they are today, the United States has officially declared January 9th as National Fourth Graders Day in 2023. This blog post will discuss why this day is important and why it should be celebrated. It will also explain how you can participate in this special occasion either among your own family members or as a part of a larger celebration in your community. By recognizing National Fourth Graders Day, we honor the talent and dedication of these inspiring children and encourage them to continue their education with enthusiasm.

What is National Fourth Graders Day?

National Fourth Graders Day is a special day to celebrate and honor fourth graders across the United States. This day is usually celebrated on the second Monday in January, but the date can vary depending on the school district. On this day, fourth graders are recognized for their hard work and achievements. Many schools and organizations hold special events and activities to celebrate National Fourth Graders Day.

The History of National Fourth Graders Day

The history of National Fourth Graders Day begins in 1968. That year, an event called “Fourth Grade Fun Day” was held in Washington D.C. The event was created by a group of fourth grade teachers from across the country who wanted to encourage their students to stay in school and do well academically.

Since then, the day has been celebrated annually. It is a day for fourth grade students to be recognized for their hard work and achievements. Many schools hold special events and activities on National Fourth Graders Day. Some businesses also offer discounts and freebies to fourth grade students and their families.

Fun facts about fourth grade

Did you know that fourth grade is considered the “make or break” year? That’s because it’s when students transition from lower to upper elementary school. This can be a tough adjustment, but fourth graders are up for the challenge!

Here are some fun facts about fourth grade:

-Fourth grade is when students start to really get into reading chapter books. They also learn how to write persuasive essays and do more complex math.

-Most fourth graders are 9 or 10 years old.

-Fourth grade is often when kids join sports teams or take up other extracurricular activities.

So there you have it – some fun facts about fourth grade! We hope your child has a great year in fourth grade (and beyond)!


We hope that National Fourth Graders Day will help to encourage the next generation of students and celebrate their achievements. On this special day, we should take time to recognize the hard work and dedication of fourth graders everywhere who are striving for success in a rapidly changing world. Whether it be through gifts or words of encouragement, let’s ensure our fourth graders know how much they matter and highly valued they are by society as a whole.


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