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National Hot Tub Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Hot Tub Day, observed annually on March 28, is the finest day to appreciate your hot tub. Want to enjoy the relaxing effects of your hot Jacuzzi for an extended period of time without feeling judged? National Hot Tub Day affords you this opportunity. Even though National Hot Tub Day is not an official holiday, it is an excellent time to enjoy the benefits of a spa. You can spend more time with your loved ones if you have a hot Jacuzzi. As your tense muscles are relieved by the jets, you can decompress and converse with your companion. Today, enjoy a mini-vacation in your backyard hot tub.

The background of National Hot Tub Day

Archaeological evidence suggests that ancient Egyptians took therapeutic hot baths approximately 4,000 years ago. King Phraortes of ancient Persia had a granite hot Jacuzzi carved for him around 600 B.C. Plato, Homer, and Hippocrates, three of Greece’s foremost philosophers, all believed that hot water had curative properties. Water springs attracted people together for elaborately constructed social gatherings and other activities.

After that came Rome. Those imperial leaders were even more extravagant than their predecessors, and they constructed enormous baths to match. Many of these facilities were constructed to aid the recuperation of exhausted legionnaires who had been wounded or ill during the conflict.
Sanus Per Aquam, which translates to “health through water,” is the origin of the acronym spa. Common features of Roman spas included sports stadiums, baths, massage parlors, and restaurants.

In 1958, California is regarded as the origin of the first modern home spas, which were typically constructed from old redwood vats and used wine barrels. During the swinging sixties, water cleanliness and filtration systems were not precisely top priorities when it came to hot tubs. As a result, wood was utilised as a building material that failed to keep water out and served as a breeding ground for pathogens, mildew, algae, and sludge. At the end of the 1970s, fibreglass-shelled hot tubs rapidly replaced acrylic-cast tubs. This made it simpler for owners to maintain water cleanliness, while manufacturers could begin creating pumps, filters, control systems, and jets from the flexible and adaptable plastic. It wasn’t until the labour of an Italian immigrant that hot tub design improved.

A few decades ago, aircraft engineer Candido Jacuzzi created a hydrotherapy bath for his son Ken, who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Roy Jacuzzi, a third-generation family member, designed and marketed the first self-contained and fully-integrated whirlpool spa, and the name Jacuzzi became synonymous with hot baths.

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National Hot Tub Day Events

Try out yoga in a hot Jacuzzi.

Due to its emphasis on physical control, mental clarity, and relaxation, yoga is a wonderful activity for your next hot tub experience. Start by taking a few deep breaths while seated comfortably, then focus on stretching your spine, lowering your shoulders, and observing the water’s influence on your body.

Experience aromatherapy

Aromatherapy should be utilised in your hot tub. For aromatherapy, some of the most valuable and aromatic plants in the world are added to your hot tub water. Using natural essential oils or premade bath drops can assist you in achieving this objective.

Throw a hot tub gathering.

There is no better way to celebrate than with your closest friends and family at a hot tub-themed celebration. To improve your guests’ experience, provide an abundance of food and beverages, lively music, and entertaining activities. Simply avoid inviting too many people to your hot tub at once.

5 Methods for Maintaining a Hot Tub

The water must be tested, balanced, and sanitized, and the filter cartridge must be cleansed or replaced.

As soon as it is time to drain and refill the water, take a few minutes to flush the lines of any biofilm that may have formed and cleanse all spa surfaces with a cleansing or polishing agent to keep them looking brand new.

Conduct a thorough examination of the hot tub cover for signs of damage.

If you do not already have a spa cover lift, you should strongly consider purchasing one, as it is an extremely useful instrument for quickly replacing the cover, protecting it from accidental damage, and preventing mildew growth.

After spending time cleaning and maintaining your hot tub, include a few droplets of your preferred spa aromatherapy in the water.


Year Date Day
2023 March 28 Tuesday
2024 March 28 Thursday
2025 March 28 Friday
2026 March 28 Saturday
2027 March 28 Sunday