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National Ram Day 2023: Date, History, Famous People, Activities

On March 28, National Ram Day honours individuals with the name Ram. The boy’s name Ram derives from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘archer’ or ‘attractive.’ It is among the most popular and influential names in the Middle East and India. According to some versions of Indian mythology, it is Vishnu’s seventh reincarnation. In addition, this was the name of a biblical progenitor of both King David and Jesus Christ.

The background of National Ram Day

The origin of the moniker Ram can be traced to numerous locations. This Hindu name is derived from the Sanskrit word rma, which means ‘pleasant’ or ‘charming.’ It is also the name of one of Vishnu’s incarnations. It is utilised in both the northern and southern regions of India. It may have become a family name in the northern states by being added to compound personal names such as Atmaram (Sanskrit for “soul”) and Sitaram (Rama’s wife’s name). In South India, it is only used as a male given name, but among South Indian immigrants in the United States, its use as a family name has become more prevalent. It is a variant of the name Raman used by Tamil and Malayalam speakers who have relocated outside of their native states.

It derives from the Middle Low German and Middle English words for “ram,” which can indicate either “male sheep” (in the sense of “battering ram”) or “pile driver.” (in the sense of driving a pile). The name is written in both Dutch and English. It is a Swedish ornamental name derived from a place-name element, either Old Norse ‘hrafn,’ which means ‘raven,’ or the Swedish dialect ‘ramm,’ which means ‘water pasture.’

It is an aesthetically pleasing name derived from the Hebrew word ram, which can be translated as “lofty.” It is a topographic name that means ‘branch’ in Southern French and identifies a person who resided in a densely forested area with many branches.


Discover the history behind the name

To commemorate the day, you can research the name and find out in which countries it is prevalent. You can discover the meaning of the name in various countries and how it varies.

Find out more

You can learn more about the name and the individuals who share it. It is a common name among creatives, particularly in India.

To your list of names, add Ram.

You can add Ram to the list of known names. It can also be incorporated into any word game you play.


Ram Shriram

He is an American entrepreneur and one of Google’s earliest investors.

Ram Swarup

Indian author Ram Swarup was one of the most influential Hindu revivalist philosophers.

Ram Kapoor

In India, Ram Kapoor is a television and film actor.

Ram Charan

India’s Ram Charan is a multitalented actor, producer, performer, and businessman in the Telugu film industry.

Ram Gopal Varma

Cinematographer and screenwriter Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is renowned for his contributions to Telugu cinema, Bollywood, and television.


Year Date Day
2023 March 28 Tuesday
2024 March 28 Thursday
2025 March 28 Friday
2026 March 28 Saturday
2027 March 28 Sunday