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National Jordan Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

National Jordan Day is observed on May 27. This day is dedicated to everyone who carries the name Jordan. Currently, Jordan is a popular unisex name, given to 400 baby females per year, and it has Hebrew origins. On National Jordan Day, let’s celebrate everything wonderful about Jordans around the world. Join us in recognising the people, country, and river that share a name.

The background of National Jordan Day

Jordan, despite being one of the most prominent names since the 19th century, is declining in popularity each year. It has a long history and can be traced back to the Jordan River that flows through Israel. The name’s popularity peaked at the end of the twentieth century, but there are still many Jordans in the United States. Jordyn, Jordin, Jorden, and Jordon are additional transliteration variations of the name.

As previously mentioned, Jordan presumably derives from the Hebrew language. It translates to “to flow” or “to descend.” The Jordan River is a legendary river. John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ in its pure waters, according to the Bible.

It was a prevalent name in the United States, Europe, and Israel for decades. The same-named river and country made it even simpler for the name to proliferate. Jordan, an androgynous name, was among the top 50 most popular names in the United States until 2003, when it fell off the list. The decline continued thereafter. In 2007, it dropped out of the top 100.

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Travel to Jordan River

The Jordan River is where John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ. National Jordan Day is a wonderful opportunity to visit this culturally significant watercourse.

Post regarding the moniker

Have you researched Jordan’s etymology? Create a social media poster about the day’s significance and upload it to your profiles to encourage others to participate.

Send a present to Jordan

You likely already know someone whose name is Jordan. Send them a token of appreciation to strengthen your friendship on this special day.


In 2021, five times more males than girls were given the name Jordan.

In 1990, 0.75 percent of the population was named Jordan.

In 1997, the name’s popularity among females reached its zenith.

In the late 1970s, Jordan began to be used for both males and girls.

In the past century, the Social Security Administration of the United States has recorded 386,325 males named Jordan.


Year Date Day
2023 May 27 Saturday
2024 May 27 Monday
2025 May 27 Tuesday
2026 May 27 Wednesday
2027 May 27 Thursday