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National Lash Day 2024: Date, History and Facts about Lashes

National Lash Day highlights the value of maintaining eyelashes, promoting eye beauty and protecting our eyes from debris and foreign objects.

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National Lash Day 2024: Every year on February 19, National Lash Day is observed to raise awareness of the value of proper eyelash maintenance. Today is a day to acknowledge and value the beauty that both real and fake eyelashes bring to our appearance. Our eyes are known to pop and stand out from the crowd when we wear lashes. In addition, they play a much more crucial role in keeping the lubricating fluids in our eyes from evaporating and shielding them from debris, bacteria, and foreign objects.

National Lash Day History

National Lash Day falls on February 19 each year. a day set aside to “notice and appreciate both true and false eyelashes for the beauty they add to every look,” according to House of Lashes.

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The history of eyelash cosmetics begins in Ancient Egypt around 4,000 B.C. when kohl was first used to darken the eyelids. It is believed that the first non-toxic mascara was created in France in 1913. A few years later, Thomas Williams, the company’s founder, introduced Maybelline’s mascara in the United States using a mixture of coal and Vaseline.

Everyone is urged to take extra care of their frequently sparse eyelashes on National Lash Days and show off their beauty with a gorgeous, full set of lashes.

Interestingly, 97% of our lashes are composed of keratin, which is the main structural protein present in claws, horns, feathers, and nails. Eyelashes are also said to grow up to three inches long on average, with the lashes closest to the center typically being longer than the lashes on the sides of the eyelid. Additionally, the lashes on the upper eyelid usually grow fuller than those on the lower one; typically, the upper lid has between 200 and 300 lashes, while the lower lid has about 100.

It was also recently found that between weeks 22 and 26 of pregnancy, our eyelashes normally begin to grow before birth as an embryo.

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National Lash Day Events

Take care of your lashes.

Even though eyelashes have many important functional benefits, many of us also know that they are insignificant. Perhaps because they are located on a portion of the body that we don’t often like to touch. To commemorate National Lash Day, make a commitment to giving your lashes the finest treatment possible, including coloring and straightening them.

Examine online eyelash care product catalogs

Is there a better way to remain current and informed about the proper methods for maintaining eyelashes? Celebrate the day by reading product descriptions, how-to guides, and specifications to stay on top of the latest developments in eyelash care.

Use social media to express your support.

Share a sweet selfie on social media to commemorate your lashes in their fullest, most luxurious state. Posting on social media with the hashtag #NationalLashDay will help people start conversations about eyelashes and inspire admiration for their thick and beautiful essence.

5 Lashes Facts You May Not Be Awarented To

  • Between the 22nd and 26th week of pregnancy is when babies begin to grow eyelashes, which occurs before they are born.
  • The purpose of our eyelashes is to shield our eyes from debris, bacteria, and foreign objects.
  • Experts in eye care say that as people age, their eyelashes usually become thinner.
  • A woman in China grew the longest eyelashes ever measured, measuring four inches.
  • The body sheds and grows new lashes every 150 days on average.

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Why Is National Lash Day So Great?

It raises awareness of their purpose.

Our eyelashes serve the primary function of shielding our eyes from debris, bacteria, and foreign objects. As this aspect of their use is frequently overlooked, National Lash Day acts as a reminder to draw attention to this crucial role.

It teaches us about the upkeep of eyelashes.

The fact that it compels us to learn proper lash maintenance is another reason for designating a day to honor lashes. Aside from their main purpose, eyelashes are crucial for makeup, attractiveness, and overall appearance. Therefore, even in cases where this isn’t obvious, we typically want to learn how to properly care for them.

To choose a beauty product with knowledge

When a product is about to launch, the fashion and beauty product industries experience an unending cycle of controversy. There have been instances of animal abuse in the past when beauty products were tested on animals to see how they might affect people. Global regulations currently prohibit the testing of cosmetic products on animals, but the practice nevertheless persists. You can find out which eyelash care products are manufactured unethically by browsing through online catalogs and reading product descriptions.


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