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National Nothing Day 2023: Date, History, Amazing Facts

National Nothing Day 2023:Have you ever been caught “doing nothing” and made to feel lazier than average? Assuredly, this will not occur on January 16, National Nothing Day. Since 1973, National Nothing Day has been “celebrated.” Since the holiday’s trappings and pomp literally amount to nothing, like its namesake, there is not much to say. A thought-provoking question occurs to us, however: If you’re doing nothing, aren’t you doing something, with nothing as the activity?


In 1972, journalist Harold Pullman Coffin proposed the observance of National Nothing Day on January 16 by doing nothing. The following year, National Nothing Day was included in “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” a publication that has documented annual events in print since the 1950s. Coffin’s “National Nothing Foundation” sponsors National Nothing Day. Unsurprisingly, no information is available about that organisation. According to its name, it lacks even a website.

Here is a fact that may suggest the concept of “nothing.” Once every seven years, Martin Luther King Day falls on the third Monday of January. The event coincides with National Nothing Day, which contradicts the notion that there is nothing going on annually on National Nothing Day. Since Martin Luther King Jr. is commemorated for his nonviolent activism during the Civil Rights Movement, many may refute the notion of nothingness on this day.

Not only this, but there are additional days that are celebrated in contrast to this concept of nothingness. In an opposition to National Nothing Day, the Realist Society of Canada (RSC) has a religious holiday called There’s Always Been Something Day, pronounced THABS, which is dedicated on July 8 to the celebration of the “realisation that if there was ever nothing, there would be nothing now.”

Philosophers and authors have debated the study of “nothing” throughout history. Because it begs the question, what is nothing? To answer the question of nothing, one must determine nothing’s significance. Even the true nature of “nothingness” in outer space causes experts to disagree, as many contend that even a space devoid of all matter is not nothing, as quantum particles exist in space even in the absence of gravity.

On National Nothing Day, promotion of the day is somewhat contradictory, as the day is intended to be a “un-event,” meaning that it should not be viewed as an event and refers to a thing of no significance, consequence, or interest.


We emerged from it.

According to the Christian faith, God created the universe “ex nihilo,” or “out of nothing.”

Or did we?

Nothingness can be a meditative state, a characteristic of reality, or an examination of existence in Buddhism.

No way, Jose

Victor Hugo writes in “Les Misérables”: “There is no such thing as nothingness, and zero does not exist. All things are something. “Everything is nothing”

Outer space is not technically empty, as it contains a low-density plasma of hydrogen and helium as well as the cosmic forces that influence them.

It is only about you.

Metallica’s members cannot recall the original inspiration for their song “Nothing Else Matters,” so they now sing it about their fans, since nothing else matters to them but them.


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