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National Orchid Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Orchids, which belong to the Orchidaceae family, are a prevalent flowering plant family with colourful and fragrant flowers.

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National Orchid Day occurs every year on April 16. Are you aware that orchids are one of the two largest floral plant families, with between 21,950 and 26,049 accepted species? They are colorful, attractive, emit a pleasant scent, and grow abundantly across the globe. The day is associated with honouring and cherishing the memory of cherished ones, and we hold it in high regard.

The background of National Orchid Day

Orchids, which belong to the Orchidaceae family, are a prevalent flowering plant family with colourful and fragrant flowers. Mike and Faith Young of South Carolina established National Orchid Day in 2015 in memory of their daughter, who had died the previous year.

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While volunteering at an orchid reserve in Mexico, the couple fell so in love with orchids that they decided if they ever had a daughter, they would name her “Orchid.” They did have a daughter, but she passed away during childbirth.

Following their daughter’s passing, the couple desired to honour the day and commemorate her memory with their favourite flower. Therefore, they created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the necessary funds to register the day. They sold pre-orders of their backyard honey, The Humble Bumbles Honey, and raised the required $1,500 within hours of beginning, registering National Orchid Day.

Since then, orchid growers, enthusiasts, and botanical gardens have acquired widespread recognition of this day. With so many options available, anyone can appreciate the beauty of orchids at home or in botanical gardens around the globe.

Mike and Faith claim they will spend the remainder of their lives caring for and promoting Orchids. They believe that by dedicating National Orchid Day to the beautiful lives lost, more people will appreciate orchids, and their daughter will experience the affection of those who think of Orchids on that day.

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Enjoy some orchid tea.

Some species of wild orchids are edible and can be brewed into tea. This is the ideal time to experience and appreciate the flavour of one.

Host a garden celebration themed around orchids

Gather your friends and family members for your garden party with an orchid theme. You are guaranteed to have all the enjoyment possible.

Take photographs of orchids and distribute them.

Equip yourself with a smartphone or digital camera and capture some stunning photographs of orchids around you or in their natural habitats. Share these images with the world so that everyone can see how beautiful these flowers are.


Orchids are one of the earliest flowering plant families.

Once germinated, it can take up to seven years for orchids to blossom.

Orchids can thrive for over one hundred years.

A seed capsule of an orchid may contain up to three million seeds.

The largest orchid weighs several hundred pounds, whereas the smallest is roughly the size of a United States dime.


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