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National Pneumatics Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Hero of Alexandria, an ancient Greek mathematician, may have written about his inventions that were propelled by steam or the wind as early as the first century.

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S.M.C. Corporation of America chose April 27 as National Pneumatics Day because its parent company, S.M.C. Corporation, was founded on that date in Japan in 1959. S.M.C. Corporation is the largest provider of pneumatic components in the globe. S.M.C. Corporation of America seeks to highlight the significance of clean, dry compressed air in industrial automation and processing equipment for achieving sustainable manufacturing, peak performance, and product longevity on this day. For those unaware, pneumatics refers to the use of compressed air to store or transport energy. It is utilised extensively in industrial automation and general production.

The background of National Pneumatics Day

Hero of Alexandria, an ancient Greek mathematician, may have written about his inventions that were propelled by steam or the wind as early as the first century. Otto von Guericke, a German physicist, developed the concept and invented the vacuum pump, a device that can remove air or gas from any vessel to which it is connected. He demonstrated how to use the vacuum pump to separate the pairs of copper hemispheres using air pressures. The discipline of pneumatics has developed considerably over time. It has evolved from small, portable devices to large, multi-part machines with varied functions. S.M.C. Corporation, a Japanese TOPIX Large 70 company founded in 1959, has designated November 2020 as National Pneumatics Day.

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Sintered Metal Corporation was founded as S.M.C. Corporation; it specialises in engineering pneumatic control to facilitate industrial automation. S.M.C. designs and manufactures a vast array of control systems and apparatus for numerous applications. S.M.C.’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. S.M.C. Corporation had expanded to the point where, in 1977, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States under the name S.M.C. Pneumatics Inc. In 2001, the S.M.C. subsidiary in America was renamed S.M.C. Corporation of America. Its global network now spans 83 countries worldwide.

S.M.C. Corporation is the largest pneumatics company in the world, with technical development centres devoted to the long-term automation of factories. The corporation’s engineering network spans the globe, with facilities in the United States, Europe, and China, in addition to Japan.

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Research the history of the S.M.C.

Visit the website of the company to learn about its history and achievements. Try to attend virtually one of the numerous webinars that have been organised for this occasion.

Utilise environmentally responsible products

This day can be commemorated by engaging in activities that reduce carbon dioxide emissions. To accomplish this, purchase eco-friendly products.

Reduce your electrical consumption

Mark the occasion by ensuring that your industrial compressed air system is in excellent working order, if you work in the industry. Start by sealing air breaches, replacing pneumatic air filters, and reducing the air compressor’s supply pressure. These actions can help reduce energy consumption and industrial CO2 emissions.


Robots use pneumatics to increase their strength while decreasing their weight.

Pneumatic systems are more potent than mechanical motors of the same weight.

In the 1770s, James Watt’s steam engine utilised air valves to control the steam within the engine, thereby enhancing its efficacy.

Dentists use pneumatic techniques to operate drill tools.

In Disneyland in 1963, Walt Disney’s first audio-animatronic characters, the Enchanted Tiki Birds, moved due to pneumatics.


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