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National Sabrina Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Sabrina is a feminine given name derived from the Roman name for the Severn, which flows into England from mid-Wales.

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National Sabrina Day is annually observed on September 6. It is a feminine name with Celtic, English, Latin, and Italian origins. It is believed to have represented someone from Cyprus or the region surrounding the River Severn. It could be interpreted as “legendary princess” or “from the border.” In Celtic mythology, Sabrina was also the name of an illegitimate daughter of the Welsh monarch Locrine.

Gwendolen, the queen’s wife, ordered the child to be drowned, giving her name to the river where the heinous deed took place. In Latin literature, the river was known as Sabrina, but it is presently called the Severn.

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The background of National Sabrina Day

Sabrina is a feminine given name derived from the Roman name for the Severn, which flows into England from mid-Wales. Geoffrey of Monmouth narrated in the 1100s that Sabrina, the Latinized form of the proto-Welsh name of the river, was the daughter of a monarch named Locrinus and his mistress, the Germanic princess Esthildis.

Brutus of Troy, the reputed second founder of Britain, Locrinus, ruled England after the demise of his father. Locrinus favoured Sabrina and her mother over his wife Gwendolen and their son Maddan. Still, Gwendolen became enraged and ultimately defeated Locrinus in battle after organising an army against him. Gwendolen subsequently ordered the drowning of Sabrina and her mother.

So that Gwendolen’s betrayal by Locrine would not be forgotten, the river was given her name. According to legend, Sabrina resides within the river, which reflects her temperament. She is accompanied by dolphins and salmon as she travels in a chariot. Sabrina’s legend may have become intertwined with earlier tales of a river goddess or nymph, according to the latter version.

After the release of the film Sabrina in 1954, the name acquired popularity among English-speakers and became one of the most popular choices for American-born girls. American actress Sabrina Bartlett and American vocalist, songwriter, and actress Sabrina Carpenter are notable bearers.

As’sab’ means ‘everything’ in Hindi and Punjabi, Sabrina is a popular name among Indians and Pakistanis. Sabreena/Sabrina and Sabreen/Sabrin, the masculine forms, are both Arabic names derived from the word sabr, which signifies ‘patience’ in Arabic.

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Dress to impress

On this special day, you can dress up to honour your beautiful name. Try on clothes that reflect your name from within your wardrobe. You may also wear the fortunate colours of Sabrina: blue, violet, and black.

Honour your Sabrina-bearing companion

Gather your peers with this unique name for a day of fun and telling them how much they mean to you to celebrate this occasion. This can be accomplished by hosting a supper party in their honour. Is the origin of their moniker rooted in their cultural heritage? Use regional cuisine and music, and perhaps suggest a few diversions to keep things interesting!

Be pleased with yourself!

The names and family histories we bear should never embarrass us, regardless of whether we are of noble or common birth. Parents gave their daughter the name Sabrina out of love and affection. This is the ideal time to embrace that love and comprehend the significance of your name.

5 fascinating tidbits about the name Sabrina

Prior to the nineteenth century, Sabrina was an uncommon given name in Britain.

Sabrina is the name of the Severn River’s Welsh goddess.

Sabrina Ionescu began hooping at the age of three and was a fiercely competitive youngster.

Ionescu owns the single-season record for most triple-doubles.

One in every 2,208 newborn females is named Sabrina.


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