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National Save The Eagles Day 2023: Date, History and Significance

The 10th of January is National Save the Eagles Day 2023, a day to raise awareness about eagles and express gratitude for conservation efforts to prevent their extinction. There are over sixty different species of eagles in the world. The only eagles found in the United States are the bald eagle and the golden eagle. As poaching, pesticides, human intervention, and other threats continue to threaten eagle populations around the globe, we must unite to save and protect these magnificent creatures, the emblem of American liberty.

History of National Save the Eagles Day

Eagles are among the most powerful and magnificent predatory birds. In the United States, bald eagles are celebrated as the symbol of strength, independence, and beauty. National Save the Eagles Day’s history is an inspiring tale. It began in the New Jersey village of Ridgefield Park. Midwinter was the ideal nesting season for bald eagles, and since 2011, a pair of eagles, affectionately named Alice and Al, had nested along Overpeck Creek.

In 2014, Skymark Development Corporation of Paramus highlighted a study indicating that a landfill near an eagle’s nest posed health risks to the surrounding community. They argued that removing the eagles’ nesting tree was part of the solution for mitigating local health risks. On January 10, 2015, the local community and the Bergen County Audubon Society organised Save The Eagles Day in response to this announcement.

Soon thereafter, both parties reached an agreement to preserve the land as eagle park. Alice and Al continued to nest and reside in the same location for several years, and today a new pair has taken up residence in the same nest.

Eagles are protected by numerous laws, such as the Endangered Species Act, that exist today. Many species of eagles that were on the verge of extinction are now increasing in number due to the continued efforts of conservationists and the government. Therefore, let us celebrate, protect, and promote the welfare of eagles on this uplifting day.

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2023 January 10 Tuesday
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