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National Shareholders Day 2023: Date, History, Importance

National Shareholders Day 2023 is an annual holiday celebrated in the United States on January 10. A shareholder, commonly referred to as a’stockholder’ in the United States, is an individual or legal entity registered as the legal owner of shares of a public or private corporation by the corporation.

Shareholders may also be considered corporate members. Individuals or legal entities become shareholders of a corporation after their personally identifiable information has been officially recorded in the corporation’s shareholders or members register. Except where expressly required by law, the corporation is neither required nor permitted to inquire about the beneficial ownership of the shares. In general, a corporation cannot own its own shares.

National Shareholders Day 2023: History

The “courtiers de change” managed and regulated the debts of agricultural communities on behalf of the banks in France during the 12th century. Due to the fact that these men also dealt in debts, they may be considered the first brokers. In late 13th-century Bruges, the Italian historian Lodovico Guicciardini described how commodity traders gathered outdoors on a market square where an inn owned by the Van der Beurze family stood. In 1409, they were given the name ‘Brugse Beurse,’ institutionalising what had previously been an informal gathering. This concept then spread to neighbouring nations, and “Beurzen” soon opened in Ghent and Rotterdam.

International traders, particularly Italian bankers who had been in Bruges since the early 13th century, took this new concept back to their countries and began to define the location for stock exchange. The Italians (Borsa) were the first to arrive, followed by the French (Bourse), the Germans (borse), the Russians (bira), the Czechs (burza), the Swedes (bors), the Danes (brs), and the Norwegians (brs). The name of the Van der Beurse family derives from the Latin word bursa, which corresponds to the word for “money bag” in the majority of languages.

During the middle of the 13th century, Venetian bankers began trading in government securities. By 1351, the Venetian government had outlawed the spreading of rumours intended to reduce the cost of government funds.

During the 14th century, bankers in Pisa, Verona, Genoa, and Florence also began trading in government securities. This was only possible because these independent city-states were governed by a council of citizens and not a duke.

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Year Date Day
2023 January 10 Tuesday
2024 January 10 Wednesday
2025 January 10 Friday
2026 January 10 Saturday
2027 January 10 Sunday