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National Tradesmen Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Events

National Tradesmen Day occurs on the third Friday of September; this year, it falls on September 15. It demands for the essential services of the country’s tradesmen to be celebrated and honoured. It would not matter if a country had all the resources if it lacked the individuals with the appropriate skill set to put those resources to good use. Tradespeople, both male and female, are one group of people who ensure that a nation’s resources are used properly so that its citizens can exist comfortably. From plumbers and electricians to technicians and builders, these individuals maintain the services of their respective industries; this day honours their numerous trade jobs. Without them, no nation can grow and prosper. At any given time, there are at least 500,000 job openings on the market. Throughout the years, the tradesmen industry has also been one of the fastest-growing markets.

The background of National Tradesmen Day

National Tradesmen Day is observed annually on the third Friday in September. A tradesman is, by definition, an individual whose skills were acquired through apprenticeship or vocational training/education. Typically, these individuals work in disciplines such as building maintenance, carpentry, plumbing, and electricity. Without them, it would be impossible to live a good existence, as the lack of construction and maintenance would lower living standards. Irwin Trade, a renowned company that distributes high-quality tools, established National Tradesmen Day in 2011 to honour the industry’s workers. The company, which sells high-quality goods, recognises the significance of skilled tradesmen to a nation. Every day, craftsmen rise to the occasion to provide their services and expertise to those who require them the most.

In the past, tradesmen were regarded as members of society’s upper classes. In Ancient Egypt, for instance, merchants were situated just below royal scribes. Craftsmen, who specialise in subjects such as jewellery and baking, were ranked below tradesmen in the country. Even in the era of the Neanderthal, when tradesmen held a prominent position, we can see that they held a prominent position. Anyone who could generate and maintain a fire without destroying the building was given the official title of “fire-producing tradesmen.” Similarly, positions were assigned to cavemen based on their abilities in weapon-making, rock shaping/cutting, and wheel-making. There are numerous methods to express gratitude to the tradesmen in your life. On this day, if you see a tradesman at a local grocery store or coffee shop, offer to pay for whatever they are purchasing and wish them a happy National Tradesmen Day. If someone from your social circle works in the tradesmen industry, be sure to contact them up this day to let them know you appreciate their services.

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National Tradesmen’s Day Events

Offer a message of gratitude

A straightforward thank you can often go a long way. Take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to express gratitude to the tradespeople around you. Your appreciation could be one of the highlights of their day.

Purchase their coffee

Determine which stores are frequented by professionals. Once you arrive, you can offer to pay for their coffee or purchases. While you’re at it, add a finishing touch by including some fresh flowers.

Extend your gratitude beyond the day

The appreciation of tradesmen should not be limited to a single day of the year. You can convey gratitude to them throughout the remainder of the year. Make them feel seen and valued for providing the services that keep our lives running efficiently.

5 facts about tradesmen that will astound you

When three craftspeople retire, only one new tradesman enters the profession.

According to a study by the Hudson Institute, there will be a tradesman scarcity in the United States by 2050.

In contrast to many of today’s desk jobs that require long periods of sitting, tradesmen typically lead much healthier lives because they are continuously moving their muscles and joints.

In addition to job security, tradesmen enjoy a variety of employment benefits, including insurance, pay increases, lodging facilities, and professional certifications.

The global economy may be in jeopardy if construction projects are halted due to a lack of skilled labourers.


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