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National Underground America Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Living Underground

National Underground America Day, observed on May 14, celebrates the concept of flourishing underground societies. Yes, we do not have to live solely on the surface of the earth; there is much more going on underground than you can possibly fathom. Here is everything you need to know about National Underground America Day celebrations.

The background of National Underground America Day

Even though the concept of living underground existed before 1974, when Malcolm Wells founded National Underground America Day, the topic gained national attention. Wells was an architect, author, lecturer, and thought leader who spent decades working in the architecture and design industry. After some time, he realised that industrial facilities must be eradicated for the planet to flourish. Since then, he has made it his mission to raise awareness about underground living and its numerous advantages. In fact, he made it a point to construct a subterranean dwelling for himself as well as an earth-sheltered office.

Malcolm Wells, who is also known as the “father of modern earth-sheltered architecture” today, advocated underground dwelling until his death. National Underground America Day is annually observed to pay tribute to the tens of thousands of people who live underground in numerous regions of North America, despite his passing. Yes, contrary to popular belief, many individuals favour living underground. This is because it has numerous benefits for both human and environmental health. According to Wells, constructing homes beneath the earth’s surface is “gentle architecture” because it has no negative effect on the surrounding environment.

National Underground America Day is observed to honour the underground way of life, its architecture, and the numerous environmental benefits of subterranean dwelling. Will this trend become more prevalent in the near future, despite the fact that thousands of people live underground?

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Underground dwellings are 20–30% more expensive.

In China, 21.5 million individuals reside in underground shelters.

A residence in South Korea has a meditation area located underground.

Humans can slumber in caves without natural light for 48 hours.

Subterranean dwellings are hermetic.


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