National Whiners Day 2022: Date, History and all about it

National Whiners Day 2022: Date, History and all about it

National Whiners Day on December 26 is a day designated to recognize those who complain and moan about their lives. We all know someone who is constantly unhappy and always has a negative attitude, so this day honors them. It’s also a day to reflect on our own complaining habits and how they affect our mental health, relationships, and outlooks on life. In this blog post, we explore the origins of National Whiners Day and the importance of practicing gratitude instead of focusing on what we don’t have. Read on to learn more about this holiday and ways to make it a positive experience for yourself and those around you.

What is National Whiners Day?

On this day, people are encouraged to let their inner whiner out and complain about anything and everything. From the weather to their job, no complaint is too small or insignificant. National Whiners Day is the perfect day to get all of your complaining out of your system. So go ahead and let it all out!

The History of National Whiners Day

National Whiners Day was created in 2003 by Dr. Joel Goodman, a clinical psychologist from New York. Dr. Goodman came up with the idea after observing that many of his patients complained excessively about things that were beyond their control. He noticed that these complaints were often counterproductive and only served to make the person feel worse.

Dr. Goodman decided to create National Whiners Day as a way to encourage people to take a step back and think about what they’re complaining about. He wanted people to focus on the positive things in their lives and not dwell on the negative.

It’s a day for people to take stock of their blessings and be thankful for what they have, instead of complaining about what they don’t have.

How to Celebrate National Whiners Day

In order to properly celebrate National Whiners Day, it is important to understand what whining is and why it is celebrated. Whining is defined as “to complain or protest mildly or persistently,” and is often seen as a negative trait. However, on National Whiners Day, whining is encouraged! This day is all about celebrating those who are constantly complaining and finding the silver lining in every situation.

So how can you celebrate National Whiners Day? First, make sure to surround yourself with friends and family who are willing to listen to your complaints. Second, take some time for yourself to really focus on the things that bother you. This could mean making a list of all the things that annoy you or writing down your thoughts in a journal. Lastly, use this day as an opportunity to spread awareness about causes that are important to you. Whether it’s environmentalism, social injustice, or animal rights, use your platform to speak up about the things that matter to you!


All in all, National Whiners Day is a great reminder to be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to feel your emotions. While it’s important to practice healthy ways of expressing our feelings, it’s also necessary for us to honor our own experiences without belittling or judging ourselves. Whether you choose fun activities on December 26th like watching movies or going out for dinner with friends, National Whiners Day is an opportunity for everyone to reflect on whatever life throws at them and find the positives regardless of their situation.


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