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Paraguay Independence Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Paraguay

Independence Day celebrations in Paraguay begin on May 14 and conclude the following day. De facto independence for Paraguay began on May 14, 1811, when a local governing ‘junta’ was established in the wake of the May 14 Revolution. This festival, known in Spanish as ‘Da de la Independencia Nacional’, commemorates Paraguay’s independence from Spain. The two-day celebrations include outdoor gatherings of loved ones to play football, listen to local music and consume traditional beverages that honour Paraguay’s cultural heritage.

The background of Paraguay Independence Day

In the 16th century, the Spanish were the first to colonise Paraguay. In 1537, on Ascension Day, the Spanish founded Asunción, the current capital of Paraguay. In 1776, King Carlos III of Spain founded the Viceroyalty of the Ro de la Plata, with its seat in Buenos Aires. A municipal system was instituted in 1782. Asuncion was the only municipality in Paraguay to be conferred city status. During the Napoleonic Peninsular War, the British Empire attempted to obtain control of the Viceroyalty by launching the River Plate assaults in 1806 and 1807, seizing Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas of the Ro de la Plata. During the invasions, Governor Velasco led Paraguayan forces in the battles of Montevideo.

In September 1810, a porteo plot to seize authority in Asuncion was uncovered. In September 1810, Buenos Aires dispatched troops under the command of General Manuel Belgrano to seize the Paraguay province, but they were defeated in the early months of 1811. Porteos intended to expand their power over the entire former Viceroyalty, so Porteos sent troops under the command of General Manuel Belgrano to seize the Paraguay province. The Junta, composed of governor Velasco, local politician Francia, and Spanish-born officer Zeballos, ruled until June 17, 1811, when the First National Congress convened.

The Congress has authorised the new Junta Superior Gubernativa, led by Yegros. The junta proclaimed Paraguay’s desire for independence and proposed a confederation of sovereign republics in a letter to Buenos Aires dated July 20, 1811. On October 12, 1811, a brief confederation contract was signed with Buenos Aires. On October 12, 1813, when the Paraguayan Republic was proclaimed, Congress enacted a new Constitution.

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The national motto of Paraguay is “Peace and Justice.”

Paraguay is the home of America’s largest feline.

Paraguay is home to the world’s greatest water reserve.

The appellation for Paraguay is “the Heart of America” or “the Heart of America.”

The only country in the world with two national flags, one on each side, is Paraguay.


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