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Pet Theft Awareness Day 2024: Date, History and Facts about Pet Theft

Pet theft is a significant issue, impacting four-legged friends and raising awareness about the importance of preventing such theft.

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Pet Theft Awareness Day 2024: February 14th is Pet Theft Awareness Day, a day dedicated to celebrating love—especially love for our furry friends. To raise awareness of the shameful act of pet theft, we commemorate Pet Theft Awareness Day with consideration for our four-legged friends. It has been satisfying to domesticate animals throughout human history.

Animals and humans have an unbreakable sense of trust and connection, so being apart can be devastating for both. Pet Theft Awareness Day is an excellent opportunity to disseminate information about pet safety and the steps we can take to retrieve stolen animals, as pet theft and dognapping are at startlingly high rates.

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Pet Theft Awareness Day History

This day is celebrated to raise awareness of the different forms of identification that can help find missing pets. Last Chance for Animals was established in 1988 to raise awareness of domesticated animal advocacy. For more than 20 years, Last Chance for Animals, a nonprofit organization devoted to animal rehabilitation, has spearheaded the campaign against pet theft. Chris DeRose, an actor, founded the nonprofit in 1984 to raise awareness of pet safety.

More than half of American families own a pet. The only thing that can compare to our fondness for our furry friends is our shared concern for their safety. The chance of losing our pets can never be too low, no of how many doors we lock or leashes we purchase. At some point in their lives, one in three pets go missing; only 20% of them are found and returned to their family. The worry that a stranger may purposefully try to harm your family or your pet through petty theft adds to these tragic figures.

The idea that prevention is preferable to treatment served as the foundation for the day. There are no words to describe the anguish of losing a pet. We must adhere to all safety procedures that guarantee the security of our pets in light of the rising number of pet theft incidents. Last Chance for Animals supports numerous pet identification techniques, including microchipping and tattooing. If your pet goes lost, the foundation offers a carefully thought-out road map and recovery strategy.

Events for Pet Theft Awareness Day

Protect your animal

Make sure you are knowledgeable about your pet’s security if you own one. The Last Chance for Animals Foundation promotes pet safety measures like microchipping, tattooing, installing an automated door lock, and leash walking your dog.

Participate as a volunteer at a shelter for animals

Pet shelters are constantly in need of volunteers who are good with animals and can help rehabilitate them so they are ready for adoption. Give a few hours to a local pet rescue on February 14.

Take in a rescue

The abandonment that results from noncompliant pets is the second-biggest tragedy related to pet theft. These unfortunate creatures frequently wind up on the streets or in shelters. Give one of these pets a second chance at life on Pet Theft Awareness Day.

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5 Sickening Facts About Pet Theft You Need To Know

  • According to statistics, the average number of stolen pets in America each year is two million.
  • Every third pet will experience a loss of identity at some point in their lifetime.
  • The French Bulldog, Yorkshire Terrier, and Pit Bull are among the dog breeds that are most frequently targeted.
  • Fewer than twenty percent of dogs who are lost or stolen make it back home unharmed.
  • Breeding stolen puppies and reselling them in the market with a large profit margin is how pet burglars make a fortune.

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The significance of Pet Theft Awareness Day

Pet Theft Awareness Day is a critical occasion

There is a need to create a routine that reduces the likelihood that your cherished pet will be stolen.

Theft of pets is increasing.

The offenders take pets and resell them for a predetermined price; this is a nationwide activity. Pet Theft Awareness Day raises awareness of the staggering scope of this crime.

Supporting pet identification techniques

Last Chance for Animals promotes the newest advancements in dog protection, including permanent tattooing and microchipping. Thousands of families have been reunited with their pets thanks to these pet identification techniques.


Year Date Day
2024 February 14 Wednesday
2025 February 14 Friday
2026 February 14 Saturday
2027 February 14 Sunday
2028 February 14 Monday

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