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Piñata Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The pinata can be traced back to the thirteenth century. For their New Year celebrations, the Chinese created pintas to bring good fortune to the growth season.

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National Pinata Day is observed annually on April 18. Everyone on the planet enjoys confectionery. You don’t need to limit yourself to a single sweet; instead, smash a pinata to obtain as much confectionery as possible. The triumph of your birthday party and other celebrations would not have been as great without the brightly coloured piata containers. On National Pinata Day, those who have not yet endeavoured to break open a paper-mache donkey may do so.

The background of National Pinata Day

The pinata can be traced back to the thirteenth century. For their New Year celebrations, the Chinese created pintas to bring good fortune to the growth season. They were typically shaped like cows or oxen, decorated with vibrant colours and ribbons, and filled with seeds. After the pinata was smashed, the Chinese burned the remnants and stored the remains for good luck.

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Marco Polo brought several pinatas back to Europe from his expeditions in Asia. They acquired popularity during the 14th century Lenten season. Piata Sunday markeded the beginning of Lent. Europeans introduced the pinata to Mexico in the sixteenth century. Interestingly, Mesoamerica shared a comparable culture. They filled clay vessels shaped like gods with beads, precious stones, nuts, and fruit. Sticks were used to open the containers. The Mayan practise was comparable to the modern pinata tradition in that the pinata was struck blindfolded. In Aztec culture, Huitzilopochtli’s birthday was celebrated. Priests would decorate clay vessels with feathers of various hues. When the pot was broken with a stick or club, the valuables contained within would descend as an offering to the feet of the idol.

In 1586, the pinata was first used for evangelism in Acolman, the present-day Mexican state. The prevalence of pinatas has increased among Mexican-Americans, other Hispanic and Latino groups in the United States, and non-Hispanics. Popular at birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, and Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Amy Watkins was the first person to propose piatas as a Christmas custom. Watkins stated in March 2016 on her blog, ‘Cosy Reverie,’ that she could not believe this holiday custom did not already exist. With the assistance of his friends, Watkins transformed National Pinata Day from an idea into a reality!

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Hit a pinata.

National Pinata Day can be celebrated by locating a local supplier of piatas, stuffing one with entertaining prizes, hanging it, and smashing it. Even better, paper mâché can be used to create your own creations.

Learn the history of the pinata.

Internet research into the history of the pinata. It is a great method to learn more about this enjoyable holiday and what it represents.

Share via social networks

Create awareness through social media posting. Use the hashtag #pinataday when discussing Pinata Day.


Pinatas are typically only used at birthday celebrations for children in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, and a few other Latin American nations.

Some piatas are loaded with confetti, flour, or water as a practical joke!

In Guatemala, rat-shaped pinatas are created to protest corruption!

In Mexico, pinatas are frequently used to make a political statement, such as by transforming unpopular politicians into piatas for their opponents to shatter.

Unknown are the precise origins of the piata, but this Mexican and Spanish tradition continues to bring pleasure to people’s lives.


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