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Preakness Stakes 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The Preakness Stakes is an annual horse race held on the third Saturday of May, which falls on May 20 this year. This is an annual thoroughbred horse racing event conducted at Baltimore, Maryland’s Pimlico Race Course. This event has been held for more than a century, attracting the most fascinating and notable figures. Thoroughbred horses are the elite class of racing horses, and the prestigious Pimlico Race Course in the United States is their ideal environment. Following the Kentucky Derby and preceding the Belmont Stakes, the Preakness Stakes is the second jewel of the Triple Crown.

The Background of Preakness Stakes

The commencement of summer marks the beginning of the most extravagant outdoor events, including the Preakness Stakes. This event features the best of the best in horse racing, touching the hearts of equestrians across the United States and the globe. It is contested at the Pimlico Race Course, a thoroughbred-only track in Baltimore, Maryland.

For those who are unaware, thoroughbred horses are the best racehorses you could ever discover. Why you may ask? Well, thoroughbred horses are the result of matings between native females and oriental stallions. Three oriental stallions — the Byerley Turk, Darley Arabian, and Godolphin Arabian — were imported to England between the 17th and 18th centuries, when they first appeared on the scene.

Each year, nearly 100,000 calves are registered, a number that is expected to rise in the coming centuries. These exceptional racehorses are frequently used for flat racing, but are also suitable for show jumping, dressage, polo, and fox hunting.

Flat racing is the most common type of horse racing and is conducted on oval-shaped, levelled turf courses. In 1870, Pimlico Race Course opened with the Dinner Party Stakes and 12,000 spectators in attendance. This race was won by the Preakness thoroughbred, and three years later, the Preakness Stakes was created and named after the first horse to win at Pimlico.

It was the first significant thoroughbred racing event that paved the way for the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes, two other major horse racing events. Today, these three races are known as the Triple Crown. The Preakness Stakes is an annual Grade 1 filly race run over 9.5 furlongs of dirt on the third Saturday of May.

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Attend the function

You will appreciate the event more if you attend in person. This is why you should take time out of your Saturday with family and friends to attend. If you are currently in the Baltimore area, you cannot afford to miss this distinguished event!

Observe the event

If you cannot attend the event in person, you should not feel excluded. There are numerous sporting channels on television and streaming services where the event can be viewed. It’s no joy to watch alone, so invite some friends over and set up some friendly betting games.

Go horse riding

This event celebrates horseback riding at its finest. Visiting nearby stables and going for a horse excursion is also an excellent way to commemorate the day. If you know nothing about riding, this is the ideal opportunity to learn a new hobby.


The winning horse at the Preakness Stakes wears the Black-Eyed Susan Blanket, a blanket adorned with Viking poms.

Prior to 1969, the Preakness Stakes was held on the same day as the Kentucky Derby twice and 11 times before it.

The prize pool for the competition has increased to a staggering $1.5 million from its original $2,050.

Prior to 1931, the event was held on any day of the week besides Sunday, with the exception of Saturday afternoon.

The majority of Preakness Stakes winners have been bay-colored horses.


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