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Public Gardens Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Public Garden Day is observed annually on the second Friday of May, which will occur on May 12 this year. On this day, we are able to appreciate the clear blue sky, the lush green vegetation, and the blooming trees. Spending time in nature reduces tension, improves emotions, and lowers blood pressure, according to scientific research. As if we haven’t already experienced the surge of peace that accompanies a deep inhalation outdoors. This day was established by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA) to promote plant conservation, water conservation, green space preservation, and domestic gardening.

The background of Public Gardens Day

Who would have thought a garden would be one of the “Seven Wonders of the World?” However, it was. “The Hanging Garden of Babylon” was the apogee of architecture and engineering due to its vast variety of flora. The Hanging Garden is one of the most elaborate gardens in history. There is no obvious origin of the garden. Early descriptions of gardens highlight their splendour and flamboyance, implying that they were used to display wealth, culture, and sophistication.

In recent years, open natural areas such as gardens and parks have been a popular source of recreation and amusement. Common uses for these spaces include picnics, playdates, live music, theatre, public gatherings, and simply sitting and savouring a pleasant day. Private and communal gardens are available. Private gardens are associated with individual residences, whereas communal public gardens are shared by a community or assigned to a cluster of residences.

The American Public Gardens Association (APGA) instituted National Public Garden Day in 2009. It aims to increase community awareness of the educational and psychological benefits of public gardens. APGA highlights numerous programmes throughout the course of the year. The offered programmes include green area preservation, plant conservation, water conservation, and domestic gardening.

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Help construct a garden

Or, better yet, one that already exists. Build and maintain an attractive community garden as a volunteer.

Tag a garden

On Google and other social media platforms, geotag adjacent public gardens. These images may encourage individuals to visit parks.

Document your special day

Spend the day with your family, friends, or companion in a garden. Take some fantastic photos and share them alongside your account of the experience.


A tablespoon of soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on earth.

It has been observed that plants kept in a room without music grow more slowly than those kept in a room with music.

The colour of ‘Hydrangeas’ will change if the soil’s pH is altered.

Until the bubble ruptured, tulips were more expensive than gold and were even used as currency during the “Dutch Golden Age,” when they were omnipresent and so popular that they cost more than gold.

In Rome, the first greenhouse was constructed, and because the emperor desired produce to maintain his health, an inventive method was devised to meet his needs.


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