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National Tampon Day 2023: Date, History, Menstruation Myths

National Tampon Day is annually observed on May 12. Tampons are menstrual products that are used to absorb a woman’s menstrual discharge. Before the invention of modern tampons and sanitary napkins, women utilised a variety of unhygienic and uncomfortable implements. Menstruation was also viewed as filthy in the majority of world cultures. This holiday is a chance to dispel these misconceptions and provide accurate information about menstruation and menstrual hygiene.

The background of National Tampon Day

National Tampon Day is observed on May 12 annually, but little else is known about its origins. A tampon, as defined by Wikipedia, is “a menstrual product designed to absorb blood and vaginal secretions by insertion into the vagina during menstruation.” Before the invention of modern tampons and pads, women in various cultures and civilizations employed a variety of methods to conceal their menstrual flow. According to legend, ancient Egyptian women used pliable papyrus during menstruation. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recorded that ancient Greek women created tampons by covering wood with lint.

During the Middle Ages, menstruation was viewed as a source of shame, and women were compelled to go to great lengths to conceal the odour of their flow by wearing pouches of fragrant herbs around their necks or waists. During this time period, women used cloths as menstrual pads; therefore, ‘on the rag’ came to mean’menstruating.’ Some women bled directly into their clothing without using any protection. During the Victorian era, people began to realise that previous practises were unsanitary and hazardous.

Lister’s Towels, created by Johnson & Johnson in 1888, were the first menstrual product to be introduced. Lister’s Towels were disposable padding. The Hoosier sanitary girdle, which was popular among women in the 1890s, followed. This belt could be worn around the waist and affixed to a washable pad. Dr. Earle Haas invented the first contraceptive in 1929. Inspired by a female acquaintance who frequently used a sponge to absorb blood from her vagina, he created a cotton plug that was inserted using two cardboard tubes. When women discovered self-adhesive pads in the 1970s, they abandoned the Hoosier sanitary girdle.

There are numerous menstrual products on the market today, including menstrual pads, tampons, and menstrual containers. These products allow women to maintain greater hygiene during their periods.

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Women are unclean during menstruation.

Menstruation is not one of a woman’s inherent bodily functions.

Menstrual blood is unclean blood

False — menstrual blood is not unclean blood.

Women should not wash during menstruation.

False; it is perfectly safe to cleanse during menstruation.

Women should not exercise during menstruation.

False — exercise can genuinely relieve cramps.

Consuming frigid water stops menstruation.

False: frigid water has no adverse effect on the menstrual cycle.


Year Date Day
2023 May 12 Friday
2024 May 12 Sunday
2025 May 12 Monday
2026 May 12 Tuesday
2027 May 12 Wednesday