By | 13 Jan 2023 at 4:21 PM
Quitters Day 2023: Date, History, Meaning and Significance

Quitters Day 2023: On the second Friday of January, we celebrate Quitter’s Day. The date this year is January 13. The ancient Babylonians established the custom of making New Year’s resolutions some 4,000 years ago. For them, the year began in mid-March, with the first full moon following the spring equinox. The purpose of Quitter’s Day is to commemorate those who make objectives for the new year but fail to realise them, as well as to motivate and equip them to try again and finally succeed. Research indicates that people abandon their New Year’s resolutions by the second Friday of January.


Strava, a social network for athletes, did comprehensive study in 2019 and discovered that around 80% of people who made New Year’s resolutions have given up by the second week of January. Strava predicted, based on the 800 million user-recorded activities from that year, that the motivations of most quitters begin to wane around the second Friday of January. The primary focuses of New Year’s resolutions are exercise, dietary habits, and weight loss.

Two-thirds of people forsake their New Year’s resolve within a month, according to recent surveys. One of the most significant obstacles to keeping new year’s resolutions is that many who make them are overly ambitious. Typically, people begin with high levels of motivation, but as time passes, their drive tends to diminish. The key to achieving goals is to set short-, medium-, and long-term objectives, as opposed to a single, unattainable long-term objective. Starting small, maintaining consistency, and partnering with another person to keep accountable and motivated will result in positive outcomes. The purpose of the day is not to ridicule those who create goals and then abandon them, but rather to inspire them to persevere and achieve their objectives despite obstacles.

The key to not giving up on whatever you’ve begun is to not merely decide to do something, but to be completely committed to doing it. The second step is perseverance, and the third is to join a group or club engaged in the same activity. According to research, these three factors are essential for continued success.


Year Date Day
2022 January 14 Friday
2023 January 13 Friday
2024 January 12 Friday
2025 January 10 Friday
2026 January 9 Friday