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Scouts Founder's Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

On February 22, Scouts Founder’s Day honours Lord Baden-Powell and his wife, Olave, the first Chief Girl Guide. Worldwide, Scouts Founder’s Day is known as Founders Day. It is a time for Scouts and Guides to reaffirm their oaths and reflect on the relevance of Scouting’s century-old values in the modern world.

The background of Scouts Founder’s Day

Robert Baden-Powell published the first edition of “Scouting for Boys” on January 24, 1908, launching the Boy Scouts movement in England. Numerous English young men were already familiar with the name Baden, and hundreds of them eagerly purchased the manual. By the end of April, “Scouting for Boys” had been published and dozens of Boy Scout groups had spontaneously formed in the United Kingdom.

In 1900, following his 217-day defence of Mafeking during the South African War, Powell became a national hero of the United Kingdom. Soon thereafter, “Aids to Scouting,” a military field manual he wrote for British troops in 1899, gained popularity among a younger demographic. Boys were captivated by the training in tracking and observation, and they devised intricate games utilising these skills. After hearing this, Powell created a civilian field manual for adolescents that emphasised morality and good behaviour.

Practically all Scout organisations worldwide observe Scouts Founder’s Day on February 22, the birthday of Robert Baden-Powell and, incidentally, his wife Olave Baden-Powell. In Kenya, Powell’s tomb has become a place of pilgrimage, with Kenya Scouts Association and Kenya Girl Guides Association troops visiting annually.
Individual organisations may also commemorate their founding dates on other occasions, but this is typically reserved for significant anniversaries, such as centennials. The Girl Scouts of the United States observe Founders Day on October 31, the birthday of Juliette Gordon Low.

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5  facts Scouts Founder’s Day

J. Edgar Hoover created a database of fingerprints with the assistance of Scouts.

Atheists remain prohibited from joining the Scouts.

Norman Rockwell was an avid Scouts supporter.

Scouts were among those who assisted victims during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Multiple Scouts were employed by the FBI as informants.


Year Date Day
2023 February 22 Wednesday
2024 February 22 Thursday
2025 February 22 Saturday
2026 February 22 Sunday
2027 February 22 Monday