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Sonam Lhosar 2023: Date, History, 5 Facts about Nepal

The Sonam Lhosar 2023 festival begins with a bang on the second new moon following the winter solstice. The date this year is January 22. Every year, Nepal celebrates the extravagant festival to mark the beginning of the Tibetan New Year. In addition, celebrations are planned weeks in advance for the auspicious event!

On this day, men and women wear colourful and traditional attire, dance to traditional music created by the damphu drum, and eat delicious regional dishes. If you enjoy experiencing diverse cultures, Nepal is the ideal destination for you right now.


Sonam Lhosar is the New Year for the Nepalese Tamang community. For the Tamangs, ‘Lhosar’ means ‘New Year’ or ‘the beginning of a new era. Here is additional information about the Tamang community: This group of Nepalese individuals resides primarily in the central highlands and the Kathmandu Valley. The community comprises approximately 8% of Nepal’s population and is renowned for its distinctive customs. The term ‘Tamang’ means ‘horse traders’ on its own. Although the origins of the name are unknown, it is presumed that the people were involved in horse trading or riding. Over time, members of the community have migrated to numerous regions around the globe, including India and Burma.

Tamang traditions differ from those of other Nepalis, and it is known that they adhere to an ancient Tibetan or Chinese lunar calendar. This is why their New Year typically coincides with the second new moon following the winter solstice. Tamangs have a tradition of associating each month of the year with a different animal. Among them are a rat, a boar, a monkey, snakes, and others.

Each year, the Tamangs ring in the new year with a bang, and the celebrations typically last over a week. They clean and decorate their homes throughout the month in preparation for the new year. In a sense, it is also comparable to starting over. Other rituals of the occasion include visiting monasteries and stupas while dressed in traditional garb, masked dances, and rituals to expel evil spirits.


  • Nepal does not observe Independence Day because it was never colonised.
  • Nepal is where Lord Gautama Buddha was born.
  • There are more than 100 cultural groups.
  • Over 123 languages are spoken in Nepal.
  • It has eight of the world’s ten tallest mountains.

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  • This day is essential for preserving the region’s culture and Tamang heritage. It is essential to observe this holiday.
  • The event is crucial for those who spend the entire year working and require a break. It is the ideal time to let your hair down and unwind.
  • This event brings people together because many individuals from outside the country take advantage of this occasion to visit family. Additionally, it is a wonderful way to unite the community.


Year Date Day
Sonam Lhosar 2022 February 2 Wednesday
Sonam Lhosar 2023 January 22 Sunday
Sonam Lhosar 2024 February 10 Saturday
Sonam Lhosar 2025 January 30 Thursday
Sonam Lhosar 2026 February 18 Wednesday