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Seollal 2023 South Korea: Date, History, Activities, Fun Facts

Seollal 2023: Commencing on January 22 this year, Seollal celebrations commemorate the first day of the Chinese lunisolar calendar. It is a three-day festival commemorating the Korean New Year, as the day has cultural and traditional significance. Yes, this is the perfect time to eat traditional foods, bond with family, share laughs, and celebrate in spectacular fashion. During Seollal, families visit one another, play traditional games, and frequently give children money. This is a national holiday that everyone must experience, regardless of nationality, because it is filled with unique traditions and customs. It is time to don hanboks and usher in the new year with a bang!


The celebrations of Seollal date back to 57 B.C. and are mentioned in the “Book of Sui” and “Book of Tang.” The renowned kingdom of the Joseon dynasty commemorated the occasion by gathering government officials in its five grand palaces. According to research, Seollal became a Korean holiday for the first time during the Goryeo dynasty, which lasted from 918 to 1392 A.D.

Commemorating the first day of the Lunar Korean Calendar, the tradition has, of course, continued and is currently observed with grandiose festivities. Due to the significance of the holiday to Koreans, it is common for businesses to close and families to travel great distances to celebrate together. Consequently, travel arrangements for the event are made well in advance. During this period, flights and hotels are frequently fully booked. Yes, Koreans from all over the world make a concerted effort to hop on a plane and visit their families, as the festival is regarded as the ideal time to reconnect with relatives of all ages and generations. According to reports, 36 million South Koreans travelled to visit their families during the Korean New Year in 2016. During the festival, family members are given gifts, traditional Korean cuisine is prepared, and new clothing is worn to welcome the new year.


Eat traditional Korean cuisine

On this day, consume as much traditional cuisine as you desire. This is particularly important for those who no longer reside in Korea but are returning for the festival.

Listen to folk tales

This is the best time to spend time with elders and hear their fascinating folk tales, which can be passed down to future generations. It is an opportunity to learn about traditions and a window into the past.

Spend time with loved ones

Regardless of how busy you are on a daily basis, you will have time to spend with your family. Take the day to express your affection and desire for your loved ones.

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  • It means “New Year of the Moon”
  • Food is prepared by female relatives and served by male relatives to ancestors.
  • A rice cake soup known as “Ddeokguk” is served on this occasion.
  • The morning of Seollal begins with the gathering of family members dressed in traditional attire.
  • The preparation of large quantities of food for Seollal causes people to become exhausted.


Year Date Day
2022 January 31 Monday
2023 January 22 Sunday
2024 February 10 Saturday
2025 January 29 Wednesday
2026 January 17 Saturday