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State Flag of Turkmenistan Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Turkmenistan

State Flag of Turkmenistan Day, which is celebrated on May 18, is one of the festivals that Turkmens hold dear. This day commemorates the establishment of the flag of Turkmenistan following the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The flag represents freedom for Turkmens and marks the commencement of the nation’s independence. Not only does it represent freedom, but it also fosters a sense of unity among the country’s tribes. Due to its intricate design, it has acquired the title of the world’s most intricate national flag!

The background of State Flag of Turkmenistan Day

The State Flag of Turkmenistan Day, also known as State Flag Day, is a national holiday celebrated in Turkmenistan since 1992, when the country adopted its flag for the first time. The nation’s flag was authorised on February 19. This day has been designated as a non-working day for all government institutions since 1994.

Between 1953 and 1991, Turkmenistan was a part of the Russian Empire. This resulted in the country automatically adopting the Soviet flag, as was customary for all nations within the Soviet Union. However, following the Soviet Union’s dissolution in 1991, the country designed and authorised its own flag on February 19, replacing the Soviet Union’s. Originally, the design of the flag featured a green background with a single red vertical stripe on the left containing five stacked carpets representing the five major tribes in the nation. To the right of the red border is a crescent containing five irregularly arranged white stars.

In 1997, a branch of olive was added to the bottom of the red stripe to represent the tranquil nature of Turkmens. In 2001, another olive branch was added and connected to the previous one in the same manner as the United Nations’ olive branches. In addition, the five stars and crescent were rearranged subtly. The version of the flag adopted in 2001 is presently in use.

Since 1994, this day has been observed as a state holiday. In 2017, however, it was decided that the State Flag Day holiday would be amalgamated with Constitution Day. Both were scheduled for May 18 celebrations.

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Turkmenistan has fewer than 15,000 annual visitors, making it the least frequented country in the world.

Nearly 70 percent of the country consists of deserts.

The Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as the ‘Gates of Hell,’ is situated in Turkmenistan.

A former president once enacted a peculiar law mandating the renaming of the days of the week to match his family’s surnames.

The country cultivates some of the world’s finest, largest, and juiciest melons, which are so popular that they have their own day.


Year Date Day
2023 May 18 Thursday
2024 May 18 Saturday
2025 May 18 Sunday
2026 May 18 Monday
2027 May 18 Tuesday