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Susan B. Anthony Day 2024: Date, History and Importance

Anthony Day honors Susan Brownell Anthony, a significant figure in American history, known for her lifelong fight for women's suffrage, equal labor, and education rights.

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Susan B. Anthony Day 2024: Every year on February 15, we celebrate Susan B. Anthony Day. Susan Brownell Anthony, one of the most significant female figures in American history, was born on this day. At her tomb in Rochester, memorial rituals are held to mark this day. There are other locations, such as Washington, D.C., that provide comparable services. Anthony waged a lifelong campaign to grant women the right to vote, equal pay for equal work, and access to education. She also made a stand against drinking alcohol and the practice of slavery. Anthony’s tenacity is the reason American women can vote with freedom today.

Susan B. Anthony Day History

Anthony was raised in a Quaker home and was exposed to the values of equality and honesty at a very young age. She was sent to study at the Quaker school Canajoharie Academy in 1826, where she later rose to the position of head of the girls’ department.

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Anthony first saw the well-known abolitionist Frederick Douglass when her family got active in the fight to abolish slavery. The two would go on to become friends for many years.

Later in life, Anthony committed her time to social causes, like restricting the manufacturing and sale of alcohol. She was turned down for a speech at a convention while she was advocating for the temperance movement just because she was a woman. She came to the conclusion that until women were granted the right to vote, they would never be considered seriously in politics.

Following Anthony’s meeting with well-known women’s rights campaigner Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1851, history was written. They soon teamed up to establish the National Woman Suffrage Association. Anthony traversed great distances during this process, advocating for women in multiple states. She also initiated petitions calling for women to be granted the rights to vote and property ownership.

Anthony battled valiantly to the end of her life. In 1905, she even had a meeting with President Roosevelt when she presented her proposal, which supported giving women the right to vote. Sadly, she was not around to see the historic achievement of the United States Constitution enacting the 19th Amendment in 1920, which granted the right to vote to all adult women.

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Susan B. Anthony Day: A Guide

Inform others

You might want to publish a message on social media about this visionary activist’s life and accomplishments in honor of her. Anthony’s strong character will undoubtedly inspire women everywhere.

Go to the Museum of Susan B. Anthony.

Visit Anthony’s residence, which has been turned into a national historic site, if you happen to be in Rochester. I all, isn’t this vacation the ideal time to delve into this amazing person’s biography?

Protect the rights of women

On this Susan B. Anthony Day, let us all resolve to support the rights of women. We believe it is the most fitting approach to honor her battle throughout her life.

Five Crucial Details Regarding Susan B. Anthony

  • Anthony refused to pay the $100 charge she was fined for casting an unauthorized ballot in the 1872 presidential election, which led to her incarceration.
  • Jimmy Carter signed the Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coin Act in 1978, making Anthony the first female to have her visage appear on a dollar coin.
  • Anthony presented a picture that suited her advocacy for change by wearing her hair short and a knee-length dress over baggy pants.
  • Cashing out her life insurance policy, Susan B. Anthony donated money to persuade the University of Rochester to admit female students.
  • Anthony spearheaded and took part in several revolutionary movements during her lifetime, including the fight for women’s voting rights, temperance, civil rights, and the abolition of slavery.

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Purpose Of Susan B. Anthony Day

She was an early supporter of women’s suffrage.

American women would have had to wait who knows how long to be able to vote if Anthony hadn’t made the ultimate sacrifice and fought for their rights. She played a crucial part in achieving women’s suffrage, thus her birthday deserves a lavish celebration.

She serves as an example

Women all around the country, young and old, look up to Anthony. We should all use this day as a reminder to speak out against laws and ideas that discriminate against women.

She was a woman who didn’t hesitate to express her views.

Anthony rose to prominence in politics during a period when few women dared to express their ideas in public. In addition to fighting against slavery, she spent her entire life advocating for women’s rights. There should be a lot more women like Anthony in the world!


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