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Tenderness Toward Existence Day 2023: Date, History, surprising facts

Tenderness Toward Existence Day is annually observed on January 19. It is a day to celebrate the tranquil sensation of warmth, joy, and connectedness with all living things on our wonderful home earth. There are 7.9 billion people on Earth, and over 8.7 million other species share the planet with us. Every single one of these species is distinct and performs a vital role in its ecosystem. All living things are interdependent, and we are no exception. Every life has value, and we celebrate that value on this day.


Tenderness Toward Existence Day is a relatively new celebration. It was established in the 2000s and has been observed annually on January 19 since then. This is not the type of holiday that gets discussed in the news. It is a softer, more intimate celebration of humanity’s relationship with all other living things. We must acknowledge that we are not alone on this world and that we cannot exist on our own. It is a wonderful day to recognise that every life has worth. From the Latin words ‘ex’ and’sistere’ which mean ‘out’ and ‘to take a position’ respectively, ‘existence’ simply means ‘life’ or ‘the state of living. Tenderness means’sensitivity to pain,’ thus we may conclude that this festival is essentially about being sensitive to the pain of all living things.

Due to the tremendous pace of human progress, tens of thousands of animal species become extinct every year. Human action is the sole cause of this. In addition to poaching and habitat damage, humans are also responsible for their own extinction. War results in the deaths of millions of people, who then endure starvation and destitution. Moreover, many suffer from depression and other mental disorders. This day is a significant occasion to recognise the suffering of all such individuals and lend a hand of assistance.

Humanity has the capacity for immense compassion. As individuals, we all possess the potential for compassion and empathy, allowing us to feel passionately for the surrounding animals, other people, and ourselves. Tenderness expresses this sense of profound affection, connection, and the desire to care for all living things. This is our greatest species-wide strength and the key to our survival. We will only be able to stop climate change and mass extinction if we allow ourselves to feel this tenderness, if we feel the need to look after the species of this planet, and if we care for them as we care for our own families.

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Five surprising facts about tenderness are presented

Numerous wild species, including seahorses, beavers, otters, wolves, and owls, mate for life.

Researchers have discovered that love, warmth, and tenderness can elicit the same brain response as a common analgesic. This may never replace expert medical care, but it can stimulate the same brain response.

Kindness and sensitivity release endorphins.

When you are depressed, helping others can help you feel better about yourself.

Kindness, affection, and compassion reduce stress hormones and increase happiness.


Year Date Day
2023 January 19 Thursday
2024 January 19 Friday
2025 January 19 Sunday
2026 January 19 Monday
2027 January 19 Tuesday