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Top Up Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

World Top-up Day is annually celebrated on September 10. It allows individuals who use online top-ups to receive global recharges, thereby assisting their use. On the holiday, regardless of their nationality or location, expatriates gather online to recharge the mobile phones of their friends and family.

The background of Top Up Day

Beginning in the 1990s, when mobile phone operators expanded their market reach, the prepaid mobile phone era began. Prior to this moment, mobile phone services were only available through contracts or postpaid plans. As a result, individuals with low credit scores and those under the age of 18 were denied access to services. Thirty years later, almost everyone in the globe uses prepaid mobile phones.

However, prepaid mobile phone services must be continually recharged, and for renters, top-ups can be costly. Fortunately, several companies recognised this need, and MobileRecharge, an international top-up company, initiated World Top-up Day in 2015 as the first to do so. The holiday was created to raise awareness of the steadfast generosity of expatriates in supporting their families and friends back home. MobileRecharge believed that the expatriate community did not receive sufficient recognition or gratitude for their efforts, so they created a day to honour them.

Several activities take place on the holiday, such as entertaining online contests among the expatriate community. In addition, exclusive discounts and online promotions have been created for expatriates. In addition, there are numerous social media posts and online articles curated for the expat community.

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Tell your story

World Top-up Day is an excellent occasion for expatriates to share their experiences and raise awareness. You can publish it on your blog or as a social media message.

Make the most of opportunities

On the holiday, expatriates receive discounts and special offers. Utilise these opportunities and give as much as you can.

Discover expatriates

Even if you are not an expatriate, you can still celebrate World Top-up Day. You can do a variety of activities, including reading posts written by expatriates.

5 Interesting Facts Regarding Expats

There are approximately 50 million expatriates worldwide.

Only one in every four expatriates is a woman.

About 69% of all expatriates are between the ages of 30 and 50.

Nearly 70% of expatriates are in a committed relationship or are married.

When moving to a new country, expats face numerous obstacles, particularly in the first year.


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