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Transit Driver Appreciation Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Transit Driver Appreciation Day is observed annually on March 18 as a time to express gratitude and appreciation for a task well done by a transit driver. Unbeknownst to you, transit drivers contribute significantly to the community. They are responsible for ensuring the welfare of transit passengers, keeping track of stops, and delivering passengers to the correct location. In addition, transit drivers sacrifice their convenience to ensure that passengers arrive on time. Can you even conceive of a universe without them? Without transit chauffeurs, we could never arrive at our destination on schedule. Take this opportunity to demonstrate your gratitude.

The background of Transit Driver Appreciation Day

Although transit drivers have existed for decades, the day to recognize them did not come into existence until much later. In 2009, after Hans Gerwitz and Shannon E. Thomas published a blog post about Bus Driver Appreciation Day, history changed. Once the concept was advocated on a media platform, local transit-oriented blogs in Seattle, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. began promoting it. A few years later, in 2013, Portland established to promote the day. The very next year, the concept evolved further, and the website also included rail operators. Thus, the day’s moniker was changed to Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

The 18th of March was chosen because the first bus line, “Carrosses à cinq sols,” began service on this date in 1662. This was the world’s first form of public transportation to become operational in Paris. But the concept of public transportation dates back centuries. For example, in 4000 B.C., people traveled to trade using wooden vessels. By the 16th century, sailing ships had supplanted canoes for long-distance global travel. After the invention of steamboats and motor-powered ships in 1807, these excursions became much simpler.

In addition, the industrial revolution resulted in the development of other modes of trade, such as the motorway and advanced forms of transportation. Later, these were used in public transportation.

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Appreciate a transit commute

To commemorate the day, express gratitude to your transit driver. You can express appreciation verbally, with flowers, coffee, or a card.

Create visibility on social media

Numerous individuals may be unaware that such a day exists. Therefore, capture photos with your transit drivers and share them with the world.

Design badges for transit employees

To do something special, design and disseminate Transit Driver Appreciation Day badges to transit drivers. This demonstrates your concern and identification with the efforts and sacrifices made by transit drivers.


It can accommodate 300 individuals.

The use of public transportation reduces ecological footprints.

At any given time, there are 60,000 individuals in the air in the United States alone.

In some nations, people still rely on animals for transportation.

The root term is Omnibus.


Year Date Day
2023 March 18 Saturday
2024 March 18 Monday
2025 March 18 Tuesday
2026 March 18 Wednesday
2027 March 18 Thursday