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World Breast Pumping Day 2023: Date, History, Importance, Benefits

January 27 is World Breast Pumping Day! This day, first observed in 2021, celebrates the power of breast pumping and the importance of breastfeeding. It’s an opportunity to recognize how important it is for mothers to have access to pumps, support those who are using them, and advocate for better access to pumps across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what World Breast Pumping Day is all about, why it’s important, and how you can get involved. Whether you’re a mother or someone looking to make a positive difference in the world of breastfeeding, read on to learn more about this international day of celebration!

What is World Breast Pumping Day?

The day was created to increase awareness of the importance of breast milk for infant health, and to encourage mothers to pump breast milk for their babies.

Breast milk is the perfect food for newborns and provides them with all the nutrients they need to grow and develop. Breast milk also contains antibodies that help protect babies from infection.

Pumping breast milk allows mothers to continue to provide their babies with the benefits of breast milk even when they are not able to nurse directly. Pumping also gives working mothers the ability to continue to provide their infants with breast milk.

There are many benefits to pumping breast milk, and World Breast Pumping Day is a great day to learn more about them!

The History of Breast Pumps

The history of breast pumps dates back to the late 19th century, when the first mechanical pumps were developed. These early pumps were large and bulky, and not very effective. In the early 20th century, electric pumps were invented, which were much smaller and more efficient. However, these pumps were still quite expensive and not widely available.

In the 1970s, hospital-grade breast pumps became available for rent or purchase, making them more accessible to mothers who wanted to pump milk for their babies. In the 1980s, personal use breast pumps became available, and they have become more affordable and portable in recent years. Today, there are many different types of breast pumps on the market to suit every mother’s needs.

How Breast Pumps Have Changed Over the Years

In the past, breast pumps were large, bulky, and difficult to use. They also didn’t have the same suction power that they do now. This made it difficult for mothers to pump efficiently and often resulted in low milk production.

Nowadays, breast pumps are smaller, more portable, and much easier to use. They also have much stronger suction, which makes them more effective at stimulating milk production. Additionally, many newer models come with features like hands-free operation and built-in timers, which make pumping even easier.

The Benefits of Breast Pumping

Breast pumping can offer many benefits to both mother and child. It can help to increase milk supply, especially in the early days after birth when baby is learning to breastfeed. It can also be a great way to provide relief for engorged breasts or to store up milk for when baby is not able to breastfeed. Additionally, it can give mom a much-needed break from breastfeeding, and allow someone else (like dad or a grandparent) to feed baby expressed milk. Pumping can also be a lifesaver for working mothers who want to continue breastfeeding their child.


We hope you have learned more about World Breast Pumping Day and why it is so important to recognize. With the right pumping technique, breastfeeding mothers can ensure that their babies get the nutrition they need while having a bit of flexibility in when and where they feed them. We encourage all breastfeeding mothers to take some time on January 27th, 2023 to celebrate this special day and honor their hard work!


Year Date Day
2023 January 27 Friday
2024 January 27 Saturday
2025 January 27 Monday
2026 January 27 Tuesday
2027 January 27 Wednesday