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World Otter Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Otters

World Otter Day takes place on the last Wednesday of May, which in 2017 is May 31. Otters are gorgeous, playful animals that inhabit the world’s wetlands. Due to habitat destruction, reduced prey, roadkill, and illegal trade for fur and as pets, species are declining. There are thirteen distinct species, twelve of which are becoming extinct. Seven of these species are considered vulnerable, while five are considered endangered. World Otter Day was founded by the International Otter Survival Fund with two objectives in mind. First, to raise awareness about the threats otters confront. Second, to educate individuals on how to safeguard their habitats.

The background of World Otter Day

World Otter Day began as Otterly Mad Week, a week of events, education, and entertainment. Then, International Otter Awareness Day was established, followed by International Otter Survival Day, and now World Otter Day, whose sole purpose is to ensure that future generations will be able to appreciate these adorable animals.

International Otter Survival Fund was founded in 1993 to protect and aid otters of all species. Observing otters in their natural habitats sparked the idea. The Fund is one of the world’s leading charitable organisations with numerous otter protection initiatives. They have devoted more than two decades of research to the conservation, protection, and care of otters. They have devised a global programme to promote otter education. They have supported projects in 44 nations and assisted cubs in 33 nations to date.

Since 2009, they have held workshops in Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China, among other locations. The workshops offer instruction in otter field techniques, public awareness programmes, law enforcement, and general conservation concerns. Also included are research, campaigns, training, and otter facilities.

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About 90 percent of all sea otters inhabit Alaska’s coastline.

Otters use rocks to crack open and transport clams in case they are required.

The sea otter can retain its breath for five minutes and the river otter for eight.

Lacking blubber, sea otters are kept toasty by their thick, dense, water-resistant fur.

Scientists believe they may be able to ascertain the otter’s gender, age, and reproductive status by analysing its faeces.


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