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World Red Head Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

World Redhead Day is observed annually on May 26. It is a day designated to honour those with natural red hair. Less than 2% of the world’s population is born with naturally red hair, so if you have red hair, you are considered a member of a distinct group. Red hair is more prevalent and occurs more frequently (between 2% and 6%) in people of Northern European descent. High levels of the red pigment pheomelanin and low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin give red hair its colour.

The background of World Red Head Day

Redheads have a range of red hair colours, from deep burgundy or brilliant copper, or auburn, to burnt orange or red-orange, to strawberry blonde. Red hair is typically associated with fair complexion, lighter eyes, freckles, and ultraviolet light sensitivity.

In ancient Asian civilizations (dating back to the second millennium B.C. ), it was said that people had auburn and red hair. There are numerous references to redheads in ancient Greek literature. Greek authors described the ancient Budini, Sarmatians, and Thracians as having blue eyes and scarlet hair.

Throughout history, it has been believed that red hair is advantageous for women but not for males. Red hair has been associated with evil, vampires, and demons; red hair was typically associated with outsiders due to its rarity. Some historians also attribute this prejudice to the belief that Judas Iscariot (the disciple who betrayed Jesus) had red hair. Red hair is also associated with a volatile temperament. During the 16th and 17th centuries, red-haired women were considered demons. During the witch trials, an estimated 45,000 red-haired women suspected of being witches were burnt.

Even though instances of prejudice and indifference against redheads have occurred, acceptance and celebration have become the norm. There are redhead festivals all over the world, from the Netherlands to Israel. Additionally, there is a magazine called “MC1R” for redheads only. (“MC1R” stands for “melanocortin-1 receptor,” a gene that codes for protein.)

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Go crimson or get a new hairstyle

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a redhead, today is your chance to find out. If you have naturally red hair, flaunt it with a trendy new hairstyle.

Honour notable redheads

Throw a costume celebration. Invite your peers to dress as their favourite red-haired celebrities for Halloween.

Host a redhead film screening

Find films that feature your favourite red-headed actors. Enjoy these films and view them with your friends.


The parents of children born with red hair carry the mutated MC1R gene.

Redheads are more prevalent among individuals of northern or western European ancestry than in other populations.

Red hair is denser than other hair colours.

The MC1R gene is associated with redhead pain sensitivity.

Redheads produce vitamin D naturally, which is essential for excellent health and bone growth.


Year Date Day
2023 May 26 Friday
2024 May 26 Sunday
2025 May 26 Monday
2026 May 26 Tuesday
2027 May 26 Wednesday