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National Cherry Dessert Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

A delectable tooth’s holiday is National Cherry Dessert Day, celebrated every year on May 26. Cherries seem to go perfectly well with almost anything. From cherry cobblers to cherry cheesecakes, the versatility of this simple fruit is endless. That trait, and of course its incredible taste, and health benefits are the things we celebrate on National Cherry Day. Cherries can be wild or tame, from bush or tree, and give us more vitamins and minerals than we can enumerate. Today is specifically set aside every year to pay homage to cherry delicacies, leaving us with insatiable cravings and inspiring ideas.

The background of National Cherry Dessert Day

If you’ve made it this far, you are either a lover of cherry desserts, intrigued about the obscurity of this holiday, or just looking for fascinating ways to celebrate the day. Whatever the case may be, you’ve come to the right location and we have all the answers you need below.

It’d be more accurate to speak about the origin of cherries when discussing National Cherry Dessert Day because cherry desserts would not be a thing without cherries. There are various types and even colors of cherries that have been identified throughout history. Some of them include true cherries, bird cherries or cherry laurels, and bush cherries, with the term ‘wild cherries’ referring to cherries grown outside cultivation.

The word cherry was coined from the Old Nothern French word ‘cherise,’ which was derived from the Latin term ‘cerasum’ to refer to the ancient Greek region of Kerasous, which is said to be the first place in Europe cherries were exported to. In the US, cherries arrived first in Brooklyn, New York. Colonists in Massachusetts planted the first sour cherry, which is still a people’s preference.

Queen Elizabeth I is given credit for creating the first cherry pie in the 1500s with the start of fruit pies and tarts. Since then, a variety of cherry-flavored delicacies have made their way into the scene. Cherry can be used as a filling like in cherry pie and cobbler, as part of the flavoring like cherry cheesecake, or even as a garnish like cherry tarts or biscuits.

The origins of National Cherry Dessert Day are still widely unknown, but that does not stop us from commemorating this sweet holiday! It is observed annually on May 26, after National Cherry Month, and before Cherry Day.

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Make a raspberry dessert

Thanks to the internet, we now have access to millions of recipes at our fingertips, and today the focus is on cherry delicacies. Check out all the different types of desserts that consist of cherry, and see which suits your tastebuds the best. Try your luck at mixing it up, and invite friends over for a taste test.

Have a cherry dessert

Whether you’re making it yourself or taking the shorter way out by ordering out, the objective of today is to eat at least one cherry dessert. Don’t let National Cherry Day pass you by without celebrating justly. Eating out or remaining in is up to you, but make sure you have cherry desserts on the menu.

Plant a cherry tree

Thinking of the best, most cost-effective method to have cherry desserts all year round? Well, we’ve got the ideal solution for you. Put your backyard to use by cultivating cherry trees. Ask a specialized gardener for advice, see what you can find online, and start working on that green thumb!


There are over a thousand varieties of cherries.

The old anecdote of George Washington cutting down a cherry tree was fake and was created by his first biographer, Mason Locke Weems.

The average cherry tree generates approximately 7,000 cherries each harvest.

Turkey retains the record for the world’s leading cherry production, producing 535,000 tons annually.

Archeologists have discovered cherry pits in Europe and Asia dating back to the Stone Age.


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