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World Spay Day 2023: Date, History

Do you know what we enjoy? Removing animals’ reproductive organs for their own benefit. World Spay Day is celebrated annually on the fourth Tuesday of February, or February 28 this year. The failure to spay and neuter dogs and cats is responsible for millions of unwanted animals living on the streets without shelter or food or being euthanized in shelters around the world. Even though the thought of a day celebrating animal sterilisation may cause you discomfort, the truth is that euthanizing all those animals is far more painful.

The background of World Spay Day

Naming a festival dedicated to the removal of the testicles and ovaries of animals after a legendary performer seems…extraordinary. However, in 1978 Doris Day established her Animal Foundation, which in 1995 established Spay Day USA to combat the issue of homeless pets. At least three million adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized annually in the United States due to lack of homes; these numbers are largely the result of unplanned litters that could have been prevented by spaying or neutering. Additionally, spaying and neutering can reduce the incidence of some of the most prevalent types of cancer in cats and dogs. Even if you could theoretically find loving homes for the puppies and kittens your animals may produce, there will be fewer homes for puppies and kittens in animal shelters. And this increases their likelihood of death. This day emphasises the significance of not being overly self-centered when observing the birth of your pets.

World Spay Day is an annual campaign that began in 1995 to encourage the spaying and neutering of companion animals and feral cats to save animal lives. World Spay Day is observed annually on the fourth Tuesday of February (February 28, 2023); however, your event, no matter how large or small, can occur at any time during the month of February, which is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month.

HSVMA annually sponsors World Spay Day events involving veterinary students in order to fulfil the mission of World Spay Day and provide students with hands-on learning opportunities. In 2023, HSVMA will sponsor events at Cornell, Louisiana State, St. George’s, Ohio State, University of Wisconsin, and Western universities.

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Participating in World Spay Day Offers Benefits

Participants in World Spay Day are encouraged to join HSVMA (if you are not already a member). Our organisation offers a variety of spay/neuter resources to our members. These include access to free webinars on a variety of spay/neuter-related topics. In addition to educational videos and handouts on spay/neuter, the HSVMA’s website for resources contains a number of these materials.


Year Date Day
2021 February 23 Tuesday
2022 February 22 Tuesday
2023 February 28 Tuesday
2024 February 27 Tuesday
2025 February 25 Tuesday