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World Topiary Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Levens Hall and Gardens, the originator of World Topiary Day, has moved the commemoration to the Sunday following May 12 beginning in 2022. This year, it occurs on May 14. While the majority of us would struggle to level a hedge, professional topiarists are able to carve them to resemble actual objects. As children, many of us disliked working in the garden, but we still appreciate watching online videos of hedge-trimming. Today is the day to abandon our excuses and break out the gardening equipment. Start with a basic form, such as an oblong or square. If you feel courageous, choose a mermaid or a rabbit. Even if they end up resembling a serpent or an odd rock, at least you tried.

The background of World Topiary Day

Ancient Roman gardens were the origin of topiary, which acquired popularity in English gardens. Topiary was first mentioned in writing in 44 B.C., although other sources put its origins between 23 and 79 B.C. The art of sculpting shrubs, shrubbery, and trees into real-world objects or geometrical figures is known as ‘topiary.’ Many modern topiarists and topiary enthusiasts use wire cages and automatic trimmers to achieve undulating curves, crisp edges, and intricate shapes, whereas traditional topiarists still rely on simple tools, steady fingertips, and patience.

Other evergreen shrubs, such as yew, myrtle, box, honeysuckle, and holly, soon adopted this horticultural technique that originated in Cyprus. The guardians of Levens Hall established World Topiary Day in 2021, and the topiary garden at Levens Hall was created in 1694, making it one of the world’s earliest. It seeks to celebrate the art of topiary and welcomes participation from all gardeners and topiary enthusiasts. Some individuals view topiary as an effective mindfulness activity, and they appreciate it for the sense of tranquilly it provides.

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Create a personal topiary garden

Determine which shrubs thrive in your region, plant them in your yard, and maintain them. There are smaller varieties of potted plants that can be sculpted if you do not desire to undertake large or elaborate projects.

Explore a topiary garden.

Today is ideal for visiting a topiary garden. Currently on exhibit at Levens Hall are a variety of exquisite topiary sculptures.

Snap and expand

Share your enthusiasm for topiary on social media. Do you have a topiary in your community garden or have you seen one on your way to work? Now is the time to take a photo and share it with the hashtag #worldtopiaryday.


Disney decorates its theme park gardens with topiary.{Different name

Names such as leafage sculptor, tree barber, and tree mason are commonly applied to the artists who create representational works of art using trees.

The word ‘topiary’ comes from the Latin word ‘topiarius,’ which means landscape horticulturist.

The Marqueyssac in France, “Drummond Castle Gardens” in Scotland, “Green Animals Topiary Garden” in Rhode Island, and “Ladew Topiary Gardens” in Maryland are topiary gardens that have survived the years despite the fact that the art of topiary is now limited to the gardens of enthusiasts.

Levens Hall holds the ‘Guinness World Record’ for the ‘Oldest Topiary Garden.’


Year Date Day
2023 May 14 Sunday
2024 May 12 Sunday
2025 May 18 Sunday
2026 May 17 Sunday
2027 May 16 Sunday