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Young Carers Action Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

Young Carers Awareness Day, renamed Young Carers Action Day and previously observed on January 30, is now observed on March 16, beginning in 2021, to shed focus on the challenging lives of young carers. A caregiver is a person who takes care of physically and mentally ailing family members. Due to the lack of social safety networks and government assistance, many young people are forced to serve as family caregivers, which negatively impacts their own lives and opportunities. Young Carers Action Day, which is now observed on March 16, provides support and assistance to thousands of young caregivers across the island.

The background of Young Carers Action Day

youthful Carers Action Day is a yearly celebration honoring the contributions of youthful caregivers to our society. Carers Trust, a charity established by the merger of two non-profits, Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, organizes the day.

Through youth Carers Action Day, the trust intends to bring attention to the numerous challenges faced by youth carers. One in five young adults in the United Kingdom is at risk of becoming a caregiver, and the majority of them are untrained and unprepared to manage such a responsibility, according to recent statistics. Years of volunteerism, sacrifice, and institutional neglect can have devastating effects on youth.

Young people have enough on their schedules, between schoolwork and exam preparation. They do not merit the responsibility of caring for another individual.

caregivers Trust collaborates with a network of charities to provide young caregivers with mutual goal and emergency support. Thousands of youth caregivers and affected families have benefited from the collective effort of the trust, which has provided them with resources, social services, and educational opportunities.
It was announced in September 2020 that the event will endure modifications. Previously, only infants and adolescents under the age of 18 were covered. To broaden the event’s appeal, the age limit has been raised to include young adults. (18 to 25). The event’s name has been changed from Young Carers Awareness Day to Young Carers Action Day, and its date has been shifted to March 16.

Observe Young Carers Action Day by bringing attention to the vital requirements of young caregivers.

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One in five children in the United Kingdom may become a juvenile carer shortly after their 11th birthday, according to a survey.

At least 70% of teenage caregivers experience school-based bullying.

Half of the young caregivers lack a school or community-based support infrastructure.

Young caregivers are more likely to neglect school than other adolescents, which has a significant impact on their term grades.

Approximately 88% of youthful caregivers believe that the government’s neglect is driving them into poverty and exhaustion.


Year Date Day
2023 March 16 Thursday
2024 March 16 Saturday
2025 March 16 Sunday
2026 March 16 Monday
2027 March 16 Tuesday