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Youth Day in Cameroon 2024: Date, History and Facts

Youth Day in Cameroon celebrates young people from ten regions, showcasing resilience and potential despite conflict, civil upheaval, and pandemic, fostering a stable future.

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Youth Day in Cameroon 2024: Children and young people from Cameroon’s ten regions celebrate Youth Day on February 11. This celebration highlights the ability and dedication of this new generation to build a stable and successful future.

Despite four years of conflict in the English-speaking regions, protracted periods of civil upheaval and relocation, violent extremism in the Far North Region, and a pandemic with substantial global economic ramifications, youths have demonstrated their tremendous resilience and potential.

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The History of Youth Day in Cameroon

Cameroon holds youth sports competitions, singing, cultural dances, and parades to commemorate Youth Day. Cameroon celebrates Youth Day as a national event to bring young people together and promote responsible citizenship, nationalism, and community building.

Before the country’s reunification, October 26 was the national holiday. The West Cameroonian government instituted Youth Day in its place. Less than a year after winning independence by assimilating French Cameroon, West Cameroon’s prime minister, John Ngu Foncha, proposed that the country’s national day be devoted to its youth, on whom the future state depended.

This advice was carried out the next year, though it is unknown if it was disputed in the assembly. On October 26, 1962, the first “Youth and Sport” Day was celebrated in West Cameroon. When the day initially started, politicians, municipal and state officials, and members of the public in West Cameroon held it in high regard.

The Foncha government declared by the end of 1963 that it would dedicate Plebiscite Day to the nation’s youth. This meant that Youth Day would now take place on February 11 instead of October 26. The federal government of Cameroon declared the West Cameroonian festival a public holiday in 1966.

We encourage all young people, in all of their incredible diversity, to take significant action on this important day to advance peace, improve their communities, and acquire the life skills necessary for success in the economy of the future.

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Methods of Youth Day in Cameroon

Participate in a parade

On Youth Day, Cameroon celebrates youth with several parades. These marches are open to all ages, so everyone may support the cause and join in.

Encourage others via social media

Not able to travel to Cameroon? Not an issue. Contribute to participating pages and share on social media to show your support for the holiday.

Raise awareness of issues on youth

Getting involved is one of the finest ways to commemorate Youth Day. Find out what problems the young people in your community are facing and how you can assist.

5 Amazing Facts About Youths That Will

  • The second-leading cause of death for youths between the ages of 10 and 24 is suicide.
  • According to the U.S. Surgeon General, vaping is a national epidemic among youth.
  • Nearly half of India’s population, or over 1.1 billion people, are under 30.
  • South Africa has the highest rate of youth unemployment of any nation.
  • Young people under 24 make up more than a third of those who are homeless.

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The Purpose Of Youth Day in Cameroon

We can act.

We have the chance to uphold peace by taking meaningful action on Youth Day. To make our dreams come true, we must put in more than just planning and dreaming—we must get our hands dirty.

It gives young people hope and empowerment.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of this day. The purpose of this festival is to empower and encourage young people to realize their potential.

Young people support the economy.

Young people are essential to the development of their communities. They contribute significantly to the workforce and are the catalysts for innovation and change in the modern world. A celebration should honor them.


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