By | 25 Sep 2022 at 3:07 PM
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Army Agniveer Recruitment 2022: Due to torrential rains, the Agniveer Army Recruitment ground held in Muzaffarnagar is completely submerged. The recruitment of two tehsils of Ghaziabad district to be held on Saturday has also been postponed. Now this recruitment will be on 12 October. Due to excess water in the ground, the army personnel and the administration teams were engaged in correcting the ground for the whole day, but even till evening the ground could not be repaired. The ground has become mud and swampy. The weather is still bad. In such a situation, if it rains again, then the hard work of the army and administration can be washed away.

Agniveer Army Recruitment Rally organized at Chaudhary Charan Singh Sports Stadium in Muzaffarnagar has to be postponed due to heavy rains for the last two days. On Friday, the recruitment of Shamli district had to be postponed. After this the army personnel kept on fixing the ground but it rained again in the night. Due to which the ground was again filled with water. The youth of Ghaziabad Sadar and Modi Nagar, two tehsils of Ghaziabad district, have come for recruitment in the night itself. At night the ground was completely flooded.

Recruiting Colonel Somesh Jaswal postponed the recruitment of Ghaziabad on Saturday after taking directions from Lucknow Headquarters. He told that now this recruitment will be done in October 12. Let us inform that the schedule of Army’s Agniveer Recruitment Army was from 20 September to 10 October, but due to the postponement of recruitment for two days, it has been extended till 12 October. Due to the postponement of recruitment, the youth from Ghaziabad district were disappointed.

Today’s recruitment of Loni and Bijnor

On Sunday, Army personnel were engaged in preparing the ground for the recruitment of Chandpur and two tehsils of Bijnor and Loni tehsil of Ghaziabad. Although the weather is still bad. If it rains in the night, then there may be difficulties in the recruitment of Saturday.