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Black Clover Chapter 352 Raw Scans, Leaks, Recap

Black Clover Chapter 352: Asta engages in a fierce battle with the five-headed dragon in chapter 351 of Black Clover, but he is unable to subdue it due to its rapid regeneration. Asta continues to look for ways to end the protracted, difficult conflict. Without help, he will be unable to defeat it. The chapter also provided background information on Ryuya, his friendship with Yosuga and their rivalry, as well as how Ryuya abandoned these relationships for Hino Country. Here are the most recent modifications.

Black Clover Chapter 352 Raw Scans and Leaks

Raw images and spoilers for chapter 352 of Black Clover are available. In the spoilers, Ryuya is depicted telling Asta to give his next attack his all. The only way to defeat the dragon is to remove all of its heads immediately. The Ryuzen Seven further assists Asta in caring for the dragon.

Ryuya removes his eyepatch in order to display his all-seeing eye. He seeks the most efficient course of action. O five-headed dragon that has long polluted this land, you are being cleansed and eradicated immediately! Then, Ryuya chants. The shogun then instructed the Ryuzen Secen to divide and care for each neck in different directions. Due to his wounds, Jouzou required assistance, so Ichika assisted him. Asta then severed the heads immediately.

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Black Clover Chapter 352 Speculations

In chapter 352 of Black Clover, readers will learn how Asta plans to kill the five-headed dragon. The Ryuzen Seven will reappear to participate in the conflict and assist Asta in permanently eliminating it. However, knowing Asta, he will kill himself with the Seven cheering him on.

Black Clover Chapter 352 Recap

Asta savagely battles the dragon with five heads. He could cut off their heads, but he was unable to stop them from growing back. Yosuga vs. Heath Grice quickly followed, with each participant stating their aim to win for their “general” (in Heath’s case, Lucius Zogratis, and in Yosuga’s case, Ryuya).

At that moment, memories of the conflict between Ryuya and Yosuga over who deserved to be shogun began to resurface. A disease that ravaged the Hino Kingdom finally compelled Yosuga and Ryuya to consider exchanging their Yoryoku for Tengentsu. Ryuya complied, but it cost him the friendship and rivalry of Yosuga.

Yosuga was very concerned about Ryuya’s decision, but his friend persisted, gathered allies, and eventually became shogun. This was made possible by Yosuga’s suggestion and offer to serve as the seventh Ryuzen instead of the shogun. Yosuga defeated Heath once the story returned to the present, and Ryuya gave a rallying cry to his Ryuzen Seven.