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Cherry Popover Day 2022: Date, How to Bake a Cherry Popover

September 1st, 2022 is Cherry Popover day! What better way to celebrate this special day than by making some delicious popovers? This recipe is easy to follow and will have your kitchen smelling amazing while you’re baking. So get out your ingredients and prepare to celebrate Cherry Popover day!

What is Cherry Popover Day?

On Cherry Popover Day, people around the world enjoy eating cherry popovers. This pastry is made from yeast dough that is cooked in a hot liquid and then poured into a popover pan. The dough is then filled with sweetened cherries and baked.


Year Date Day
2022 September 1 Thursday
2023 September 1 Friday
2024 September 1 Sunday
2025 September 1 Monday
2026 September 1 Tuesday

What To Eat on Cherry Popover Day

Cherry Popover Day is a special day to enjoy cherry popovers. These delicious pastries are made from a dough filled with cherry jam and baked. There are many different variations of cherry popovers, so there is something for everyone to enjoy on this day.

One popular variation of cherry popover is the chocolate chip version. This pastry is filled with chocolate chips and baked until golden brown. Other variations include the classic strawberry, peach, or blueberry popovers. Whatever your favorite flavor, there is sure to be a version of cherry popover that appeals to you.

To celebrate Cherry Popover Day, make some yourself and enjoy them with friends!

How to Bake a Cherry Popover

To bake a cherry popover, you will need:
1) One egg
2) Half a cup of milk
3) One and one-half cups of all-purpose flour
4) One tablespoon of sugar
5) One teaspoon of baking powder
6) One tablespoon of butter or margarine
7) Three cups of cherries, pitted and chopped
8) One tablespoon of cornstarch
9) Half a cup of cold water
10) A popover pan or griddle


As we countdown to Cherry Popover Day on September 1, 2022, we want to take this opportunity to remind our readers of a few important things. First and foremost, make sure that you are following all safety guidelines when making these delicious pastries. Second, be sure to use the best ingredients possible – nothing is better than a pastry made with natural ingredients that are fresh and flavorful. And finally, don’t forget about the frosting – it’s key to turning a great popover into an incredible cake-like dessert! We can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this delicious tradition on Cherry Popover Day in 2022!