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Day of Listening 2022 (US): Date, History and Importance

On November 25, 2022, the world will come together to listen. To really listen. The Day of Listening is a day where we set aside all other distractions and just focus on hearing each other. This may sound simple, but in a world that is constantly filled with noise, it can be hard to really hear what someone is saying. We are so used to multitasking and being bombarded with information that we often don’t give other people the attention they deserve. But on this day, we will change that. We will give our full attention to the people in our lives and truly listen to what they have to say. Who knows, we might just learn something new about them – and ourselves.

What is the Day of Listening?

The national oral history project StoryCorps established National Day of Listening in 2008. StoryCorps is a non-profit organisation whose volunteer mission is to give Americans the opportunity to tell, document, and save their life stories. They conduct interviews and then compile and archive them at the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center. Dave Isay, a radio personality, founded the organisation in 2003.


National Day of Listening is the day after Thanksgiving on November 25.

Year Date Day
2022 November 25 Friday
2023 November 24 Friday
2024 November 29 Friday
2025 November 28 Friday

What is the purpose of the day?

The Day of Listening is a national day of action when people across the country pledge to really listen to each other. The goal is to build connections, understand different perspectives, and find common ground.

It’s a day for dialogue, not debate. When we come together and truly listen to one another, we can break down barriers, build relationships, and make our communities stronger.

The Day of Listening was started by the national nonprofit organization Listen for Good in 2016.

How can you participate in the Day of Listening?

The Day of Listening is a national day of action when people across the country come together to have tough conversations about race and racism.

There are many ways to participate in the Day of Listening. Here are a few ideas:

• Host a conversation: Invite your friends, family, and neighbors over for a cup of coffee or tea and have an honest conversation about race and racism. You can use this guide from Race Forward to help structure your conversation.

• Listen and learn: Take some time to listen to people of color talk about their experiences with racism. Check out these podcasts or this list of books and articles on race.

• Stand up against racism: If you see or hear something racist, speak up! Showing solidarity with people of color sends a powerful message that racism will not be tolerated.

No matter how you choose to participate, the most important thing is that we all take action to move our country forward on the issue of race relations.

What are some things you can do to make sure your voice is heard?

There are a few things you can do to make sure your voice is heard on the Day of Listening. First, be clear and concise when speaking. It can be easy to get caught up in the emotion of the moment, but try to stay focused on what you want to say. Second, be respectful of other people’s opinions and beliefs. This is not the time to argue or debate, but to simply listen and learn from each other. Finally, be patient. The Day of Listening is about starting a dialogue, not solving all the world’s problems in one day. So take your time, listen carefully, and be open to hearing new perspectives.


The Day of Listening is a day for people to come together and listen to each other’s stories. It is an opportunity for us to learn about the lives of others and to connect on a deeper level. We hope that you will join us on November 25, 2022, for the Day of Listening.