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National Orange Wine Day 2022 (US): Dates, History and Recipes

Wine lovers rejoice! October 6 is National Orange Wine Day, a holiday dedicated to celebrating this unique and delicious type of wine. Orange wine is made using white grapes that have been left to macerate with their skins for a period of time, resulting in a beautiful orange hue. This type of wine is often misunderstood and underestimated, but we think it deserves its own special day! Keep reading to learn more about orange wine and how to best enjoy it.

What is Orange Wine?

Orange wine is a type of wine made from orange grapes. Orange wines are usually white wines, but they can also be red or rosé. The color of orange wine comes from the skin of the grapes being left in contact with the juice during fermentation. This gives the wine its orange color.

Orange wines are usually dry wines, but they can also be semi-sweet or sweet. They have a higher acidity than other wines, which makes them refreshing to drink. Orange wines are also lower in alcohol than other wines.

Orange wines are not very common, but they are becoming more popular. Many people enjoy drinking them because of their unique flavor and color. Orange wines can be found in some specialty stores or online.


Year Date Day
National Orange Wine Day 2022 October 6 Thursday
National Orange Wine Day 2023 October 6 Friday
National Orange Wine Day 2024 October 6 Sunday
National Orange Wine Day 2025 October 6 Monday
National Orange Wine Day 2026 October 6 Tuesday

The History of Orange Wine

Orange wine is a type of wine that is made from white grapes that have been fermented with their skins. The skins of the grapes give the wine its orange color. Orange wine has been made for centuries, and its origin is thought to be in Georgia.

Orange wine was traditionally made in clay vessels called qvevri. The qvevri would be buried underground, and the wine would be left to ferment for several months. After fermentation, the wine would be bottled and left to age for a year or more.

Today, orange wine is made all over the world. It is often made in stainless steel tanks instead of qvevri. And it is typically not left to age for as long as it was in the past.

Orange wine can be dry or sweet. It can also be still or sparkling. Some orange wines are even made into dessert wines.

How to Make Orange Wine

October 6 is National Orange Wine Day, and what better way to celebrate than by making your own orange wine? Here’s how:

You will need:
-1 gallon of orange juice
-1 pound of sugar
-1 package of yeast
-1 glass carboy or jug
-1 airlock

Step 1: Sterilize all of your equipment. This is important because you want to avoid any bacteria or wild yeast getting into your orange wine. You can do this by boiling everything in water for 10 minutes.

Step 2: Add the sugar to the orange juice and stir until it is completely dissolved.

Step 3: Add the yeast and stir gently. Then, cover the container with a cloth and let it sit in a warm place for 24 hours.

Step 4: After 24 hours, carefully pour the mixture into the carboy or jug, being careful not to disturb the sediment at the bottom of the container. Attach the airlock and let it ferment for 4-6 weeks.

Step 5: After 4-6 weeks, carefully bottle your orange wine. Be sure to sediment when bottling. Allow the bottles to age for at least 6 months before enjoying

Orange Wine Recipes

There are many different ways to enjoy orange wine. Here are a few recipes to help you celebrate National Orange Wine Day on October 6th.

Orange wine can be enjoyed on its own or used as an ingredient in cocktails. If you’re looking for a simple way to enjoy orange wine, try it with a slice of orange. This is a refreshing and easy way to enjoy the flavor of orange wine.

If you’re feeling creative, you can also use orange wine in cocktails. For a festive twist on a classic cocktail, try replacing the gin in a Gin and Tonic with orange wine. You can also use orange wine in place of white wine in sangria. Be sure to add plenty of fresh fruit for a delicious and refreshing drink.

There are many ways to enjoy orange wine. Get creative and experiment with different recipes to find your favorite way to celebrate National Orange Wine Day on October 6th!