By | April 22, 2022
World Earth Day 2022: Theme, how Google Doodle celebrates this day

World Earth Day 2022: Google makes its special doodle on every special occasion and gives a special message through this doodle. Today, on the occasion of World Earth Day 2022, Google has made a special doodle and showed how the form of the earth is changing.

What is special in this Google doodle?

On World Earth Day 2022, Doodle (Google Doodle) has shown a series of animations of four locations. This animation is being created to show how climate change has affected the Earth. There are pictures from different years in animation.

Using real time-lapse imagery from Google Earth Timelapse and other sources, the doodle depicts the impact of climate change in four different locations around our planet. ”Stay tuned all day to see these visuals, each of which stays on the homepage for several hours at a time,” the search engine (Google) giant said.

The four images in the animation are of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Sermersooq, Greenland, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the Harz Forest in Elend, Germany. These animations will change after every hour.

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When Earth Day was celebrated for the first time?

Let us tell you that, for the first time in the year 1970, Earth Day was celebrated. In 1969, this movement was named Earth Day (World Earth Day 2022) by Julian Konig, and the theme of this day was to protect the environment. It was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. Since then, World Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April.

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This year the theme of World Earth Day 2022 is ‘Invest in our planet’. This theme encourages us to invest in this planet unitedly to protect our health, our families, and our livelihood because a green future is a prosperous future. Last year in 2021, 51st Earth Day was celebrated on the theme of ‘Restore Our Earth’.