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Feast Portland in United States 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Feast Portland, which occurs annually in September, will be celebrated on September 18 this year. It is a four-day festival conducted annually in Portland, Oregon. Feast Portland, or simply the “Feast”, is the preeminent celebration of the Pacific Northwest’s culinary culture and a showcase of regional foods and beverages. The event features hands-on classes, wine and beer sampling panels, and a series of dinners with internationally renowned chefs. In 2012, Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch co-founded this organisation with the goal of combating childhood malnutrition in Oregon. Today, the event is viewed not only as a festival celebrating food and drink, but also as a platform for Oregon to exhibit its culinary bounty.

The background of Feast Portland

For many in the culinary and beverage industry, Feast Portland is the annual highlight. The four-day food and drink festival features major events, smaller tastings, classes, dinners, and talks that attract chefs from the United States as well as tens of thousands of visitors from the United States and around the globe.

Since its inception in 2012, Feast Portland has prioritised collaboration with Oregon-based organisations working to end poverty. Partners for a Hunger-Free Oregon, No Kid Hungry, Urban Gleaners, and Feed The Masses are among these partner organisations. Since its first event, Feast Portland has raised more than $540,000 and provided a stage and platform for these partner organisations’ participants, sponsors, and guests to engage in dialogue and receive education.

Tickets to the event are typically sold prior to the day of the event, with prices ranging from $25 to $200 and being available both à la carte and in packages. The event also accepts volunteers, and applications begin a few months prior to September. Long ago, “Bon Appétit,” a monthly American culinary and entertainment magazine, sponsored the event. The event was named “Bon Appétite Presents Feast Portland.” Feast Portland was held in 2021, but without signature events such as East Coast vs. West Coast and the enormous night market (which typically features an international lineup of chefs) and without a media partner. It utilised the year to honour local talent in an effort to revive the festival’s early spirit.

Feast on Activities in Portland

Attend the Portland Feast

Attend the event to personally experience it. The atmosphere created by the event’s attendees will make you want to return annually.

Increase awareness

Raise awareness of Feast Portland in order to increase attendance. It could be in the guise of a social media post or a simple conversation with a friend.

Volunteer to assist

Feast Portland annually welcomes volunteers. This is an opportunity to contribute to the cause by volunteering time and effort.


In 1842, the city was just a coin flip removed from being named Boston, Oregon.

Downtown Portland park is a 61cm ring of flora that was converted from an unused lamp post cavity into the smallest urban park in the world.

Portland contains a dormant volcano, but the majority of the elevation is composed of ancient volcanic lava.

Approximately 52 bronze four-fountain fountains exist in Portland as of today.

As one of the few cities committed to sustainability, cycling is prevalent in Portland.


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